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Friday, January 30, 2009

Congrats to Amy and Kyle!

Here are a few pictures from this past weekend, I was a bridesmaid in Amy (Mallory) Ault's wedding! It was a long fun filled weekend and I am sure she and Kyle are looking forward to their honeymoon! Congrats to the happy couple!

The one lone toe I got to paint on her left foot...
Her right foot I was able to paint, but now the paint is wearing away...maybe she will let her Daddy do it!

Mr & Mrs Ault and Kristina Amy's sister giving the maid of honor speech!
Two beautiful ladies- Amy and Kristina!
Shane is attacking my belly!
Going into the 32nd week! Isn't Shane handsome when he gets all dressed up?!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok so even though I posted these on my "other" blog, the scrapbooking one I had to share because I know not everyone visits it and I am just proud of my creation! This is for my long time friend Amy's bachelorette party tonight!

Wine bottle sleeve that says "Celebrate"
Her card that I made! The front...

...and the back, don't you just love the butterfly tatoo I added to it! Hope she likes them!
Other news in the Zimmerman household is that Abbey is miserable...she is getting lots of molars in at one time, not only is she miserable but so are Mommy and Daddy- of shall I say Mahi and Dayeee which is what the princess has decided our names are. I really don't mind being called a fish because she is too sweet when she says it! The only part of her teething that I don't mind is the cuddling, she sure is a snuggle puppy with me now! We have a book called Snuggle Puppy, which is what I call her now and when I ask if she wants to snuggle she lays her head on my chest, too cute! I did get to paint one set of toenails on one foot, but she for some reason thinks that if I paint the other side it will hurt so we only have one lone big toe painted on that foot. She won't even let me do it when she is in the high chair! Silly girl. So along the same lines of "Snuggle Puppy" we have another book which stars the Wonder Pets and one of the characters is Ming Ming Duckling...well Shane told me the other day that he had a dream he was playing golf in Florida and after wards they went looking for a Japanese steakhouse and he went to 3 or 4 different ones because he kept asking if they severd Ming Ming Duckling...finally he found one but only to be asked to present Ming Ming Duckling himself...needless to say he did not feast upon Ming Ming Duckling that night. Pretty funny stuff. Dreams sure are crazy.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun Weekend

Well we had a great weekend, on Sunday we went to the late service at our church to see our nephew, Nick, get baptized it was a great day! We then came home and I had stamp club then Mimmy and Pappy stayed a while after club and got to hang out with a sick little girl. Abbey was running a fever and was not her usual happy little self, she perked up for about an hour but then it was back to laying on Mommy or Daddy- it could be her teeth she has a few that have just broken through the gums so I am sure she is miserable, poor little thing still only has two bottom teeth but now she has one more poking through working its way up. I kept her at home today since she was still running a low grade fever and pretty clingy, she did help me with unloading the dishwasher and laundry- she likes to hand me hangers and underwear and socks. She is a great helper. She also helped me make the bed by handing me pillows when it was time for them to go on the bed. She was up until 11 30 last night so I let her sleep until about 9 but now it is 11 30 and she is napping again! Poor little thing, getting teeth in is a hard job evidently! Here are some good pictures from the last week, enjoy!

Wearing Aunt Beth's boots
She thought she was really big stuff

I think she needs her own apron, she was wearing mine!
It's just a little big
A real chef in the making!
"Helping" Daddy fix the dvd player
We do not get many naked baby pictures!
Telling Aunt Beth that she is ready for a bath
Taking her clothes off
Just looking cute like always!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's Grosser than Gross...

Canned Traditional Style Salmon, that's what's grosser than gross. I had a great recipe from Food Network Salmon Patties with a Wasabi Cream Sauce- sounds fantastic right...well it called for canned salmon, like most salmon patty recipes would...well I bought Alaskan Salmon in the can- Traditional Style- well apparently I need to look for something that says- Alaskan Salmon- scale and bone free style. Seriously I opened this can up and it was a hunk of salmon that was rolled and on the outside it still had the scales and on the inside it still had the bones! Please someone tell me what the heck you are to do with that glob of nastiness. Now don't get me wrong fish skin does not bother me on fresh salmon I have no issues with the skin still being on it, you just cook it up and then peel it off simple as that. Now something "fishy" happens to the skin once it goes thru the canning process, it gets all gel like and slimy and enough to make a pregnant girl want to toss her cookies. Now I was going to try to just scrape off the gel-y fishy scales but when I went to unroll my canned salmon delicacy I realized that the darn bones were still in the middle of the roll. Can someone please tell me what "style" salmon I am supposed to get for salmon patties?! My grandma used to make them but I have NO clue what kind of salmon she bought, I assume canned since I doubt that fresh would have been available in good ole NV. We ended up with Tuna Patties with Wasabi Cream sauce and all was good but seriously the salmon scared me to death! I did buy a big can like a 14.5 oz can not the tuna can size does that matter?! Please anyone out there reading this leave a comment or email me!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Blog

Ok yes I have a mild obsession with blogs AND scrapbooking/card making SO why not combine the two!? Go check out if you are interested to see my creations! Please feel free to send this link to any of your friends who are interested in scrapbooking/card making and let them know I do take custom orders or I can teach them how to do pages/cards of their own! I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Belly Shot!

I never seem to remember to take belly shots, this pregnancy or the last! Here I am going into my 30th week. Can you believe that I only have 10 weeks left! This was a very exciting week- we welcomed a new cousin on the Gootee side! Greg and Julie had their little boy a bit early (5 weeks) his name is Bennett Druan and he is perfect! He looks just like his Dad, he has so much dark hair it is so cute! He weighed in at 6 lbs 2 oz so I imagine if he went full term he would have been quite a big baby! Julie and Bennett are both doing well and should have went home today!

Here is a side shot!
Here is the front shot, I am really enjoying the fact that I used to wear these pants to lounge in "pre-Abbey" and they are fit me now being 30 weeks pregnant! :) Hopefully they fit til the end!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dinner Time

Well since Shane is making me watch the Bachelor against my will I thought I would post some pics and a video enjoy!

Reading with Daddy
She has to have her blanket on when reading, just like her Mommy!

Playing with one of her favorite Christmas gifts

She loves her Jack in the Box!

And finally feeding Zeke!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A better Santa picture!

Santa's hair and beard kind overtook his face, I think that is why Abbey is SO scared! :)

Christmas Eve dinner at Uncle Frank and Aunt Beth's

Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Christmas Pics!

Struck by the tickle monster
Shane found a new hobby that he does not want anyone to know about but I caught him...he is crafting...he helped me make my aunt's baby shower invites and I had to take a pic so people would beleive me! Now I catch him sneaking into my craft room to play haha!
Playing with her new stroller- she loves it
Unwrapping all her gifts!
Opening gifts is all serious about it.
On her new inch worm! This will be great this summer!
She actually left these bows in until I took them out!
Daddy and Abbey in their 'do rags
Tupac style...
Abbey and her cousin Evie...Evie was not really very happy about it