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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Belly Shot!

I never seem to remember to take belly shots, this pregnancy or the last! Here I am going into my 30th week. Can you believe that I only have 10 weeks left! This was a very exciting week- we welcomed a new cousin on the Gootee side! Greg and Julie had their little boy a bit early (5 weeks) his name is Bennett Druan and he is perfect! He looks just like his Dad, he has so much dark hair it is so cute! He weighed in at 6 lbs 2 oz so I imagine if he went full term he would have been quite a big baby! Julie and Bennett are both doing well and should have went home today!

Here is a side shot!
Here is the front shot, I am really enjoying the fact that I used to wear these pants to lounge in "pre-Abbey" and they are fit me now being 30 weeks pregnant! :) Hopefully they fit til the end!


Christa Erickson said...

Wow, you look great! Andy walked by as I was looking & we both say that you don't look as far along as you are.

Lindsey said...

You look incredible...and this is Baby Number 2!

LauraB said...

Okay you look way too small to be 30 wks, not fair!