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Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun Weekend

Well we had a great weekend, on Sunday we went to the late service at our church to see our nephew, Nick, get baptized it was a great day! We then came home and I had stamp club then Mimmy and Pappy stayed a while after club and got to hang out with a sick little girl. Abbey was running a fever and was not her usual happy little self, she perked up for about an hour but then it was back to laying on Mommy or Daddy- it could be her teeth she has a few that have just broken through the gums so I am sure she is miserable, poor little thing still only has two bottom teeth but now she has one more poking through working its way up. I kept her at home today since she was still running a low grade fever and pretty clingy, she did help me with unloading the dishwasher and laundry- she likes to hand me hangers and underwear and socks. She is a great helper. She also helped me make the bed by handing me pillows when it was time for them to go on the bed. She was up until 11 30 last night so I let her sleep until about 9 but now it is 11 30 and she is napping again! Poor little thing, getting teeth in is a hard job evidently! Here are some good pictures from the last week, enjoy!

Wearing Aunt Beth's boots
She thought she was really big stuff

I think she needs her own apron, she was wearing mine!
It's just a little big
A real chef in the making!
"Helping" Daddy fix the dvd player
We do not get many naked baby pictures!
Telling Aunt Beth that she is ready for a bath
Taking her clothes off
Just looking cute like always!

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