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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok so even though I posted these on my "other" blog, the scrapbooking one I had to share because I know not everyone visits it and I am just proud of my creation! This is for my long time friend Amy's bachelorette party tonight!

Wine bottle sleeve that says "Celebrate"
Her card that I made! The front...

...and the back, don't you just love the butterfly tatoo I added to it! Hope she likes them!
Other news in the Zimmerman household is that Abbey is miserable...she is getting lots of molars in at one time, not only is she miserable but so are Mommy and Daddy- of shall I say Mahi and Dayeee which is what the princess has decided our names are. I really don't mind being called a fish because she is too sweet when she says it! The only part of her teething that I don't mind is the cuddling, she sure is a snuggle puppy with me now! We have a book called Snuggle Puppy, which is what I call her now and when I ask if she wants to snuggle she lays her head on my chest, too cute! I did get to paint one set of toenails on one foot, but she for some reason thinks that if I paint the other side it will hurt so we only have one lone big toe painted on that foot. She won't even let me do it when she is in the high chair! Silly girl. So along the same lines of "Snuggle Puppy" we have another book which stars the Wonder Pets and one of the characters is Ming Ming Duckling...well Shane told me the other day that he had a dream he was playing golf in Florida and after wards they went looking for a Japanese steakhouse and he went to 3 or 4 different ones because he kept asking if they severd Ming Ming Duckling...finally he found one but only to be asked to present Ming Ming Duckling himself...needless to say he did not feast upon Ming Ming Duckling that night. Pretty funny stuff. Dreams sure are crazy.

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Melissa (miller) Patterson said...


I loved the card! How cute! Your daughter is adorable as well! Sometime we'll have to get together with Laura for a girl's day!