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Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's Grosser than Gross...

Canned Traditional Style Salmon, that's what's grosser than gross. I had a great recipe from Food Network Salmon Patties with a Wasabi Cream Sauce- sounds fantastic right...well it called for canned salmon, like most salmon patty recipes would...well I bought Alaskan Salmon in the can- Traditional Style- well apparently I need to look for something that says- Alaskan Salmon- scale and bone free style. Seriously I opened this can up and it was a hunk of salmon that was rolled and on the outside it still had the scales and on the inside it still had the bones! Please someone tell me what the heck you are to do with that glob of nastiness. Now don't get me wrong fish skin does not bother me on fresh salmon I have no issues with the skin still being on it, you just cook it up and then peel it off simple as that. Now something "fishy" happens to the skin once it goes thru the canning process, it gets all gel like and slimy and enough to make a pregnant girl want to toss her cookies. Now I was going to try to just scrape off the gel-y fishy scales but when I went to unroll my canned salmon delicacy I realized that the darn bones were still in the middle of the roll. Can someone please tell me what "style" salmon I am supposed to get for salmon patties?! My grandma used to make them but I have NO clue what kind of salmon she bought, I assume canned since I doubt that fresh would have been available in good ole NV. We ended up with Tuna Patties with Wasabi Cream sauce and all was good but seriously the salmon scared me to death! I did buy a big can like a 14.5 oz can not the tuna can size does that matter?! Please anyone out there reading this leave a comment or email me!

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