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Friday, February 27, 2009

Strange Dreams

So for about the last week now I have been dreaming nightly that I get up to go to the bathroom and my water breaks!! Last night was no different, however, the dream went on...I woke up trudged to the bathroom, which by the way makes me very grumpy because then I am awake for at least a half an hour listening to my husband snore his face off, anyways I make it to the bathroom and my water breaks and I yell at Shane that he needs to call Beth so she can come stay with Abbey and to get the bags and get ready to go to the hospital. I get myself together and come out to the living room and Shane is still in the bedroom packing the bags, which I had already packed so all he had to do was get dressed and grab the silly bags. I was mad by now and yelling so I went back to see what the hold up was and Shane was packing an entire suitcase full of silverware to take to the hospital! I asked what in the heck he thought he was doing and he looked at me very matter of factly and said the last time I delivered Abbey I refused to eat off of the hospital's silverware so he wanted to make sure I had enough silverware to last me through the hospital stay so I could eat! Now just so you know I never refused to eat off of the silverware, we actually had some decent food (once I added salt!) at St Francis so I have NO clue where this dream came from but it sure was funny!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

36 weeks

Just got back from my 36 week appointment and all is well! My weight is good, bp is where it should be, the baby's head is down (she actually told me she felt it!), my cervix is still behind the baby's head but she said that was normal for now, I am barely if even dilated to 1/2 a cm- so basically nothing is really going on! Abbey was in the room and she just sat on a little chair in the room and watched she was very well behaved and then told all of the nurses bye bye when we were leaving. We had a very exciting day- we started out by going to Jo Ann's to find material for a pillow for her new bed and possibly some fabric to hang on her closet since we do not have doors yet but did not find anything for the closet but got some really cute polka dot fabric for her pillow. Then we went to Once Upon a Child to get a few more newborn long pants/sleeve outfits for baby #2 then to Panera for a nice lunch treat! Abbey did NOT like her soup at Panera- broccoli cheddar- she only ate bread, it is kind of strong flavor I guess! We then came home for a 2 hour nap and then up and to the doctor! Now we are going to *try* to go to Ash Wednesday mass later, I am really hoping Shane can make it home in time to go because I am pretty tired to try to wrangle a toddler for an hour! Plus she only had a 2 hour nap, not a normal 3 hour...we shall see how it goes!
She loves to have stuff on her head!
Abbey's birthstone bracelet from Great Grandma and Grandpa Stewart (it was for her birthday but we are just now getting a pic!)
Evie's First Birthday!
Abbey LOVED the rocking horse
She could not ride this horse enough! Maybe she will have one soon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pee Pee in the Potty

Ok so Shane gives Abs a bath at night and every night he sits her on the potty (the big one for now) and asks her if she has to pee...well she also goes in the bathroom with me every time I go to the bathroom and I tell her what I am doing and she says pee, poo, or potty each time so I think she has some idea of what is going on. SO tonight Shane asked her while she was in the bath if she had to pee and she said yes (which she always says yes) but this time when he sat her on the toilet she peed!!!

She has been telling us when she needs a new diaper especially if it is dirty she says poo. Now it was my intention of not trying to start any potty training seriously until after the new baby came and things got settled and in to a routine...but now I may reconsider! We are going to get her a potty training chair to put in the bathroom and just see how it goes I think, no need to rush her but if she is ready then by all means let's do this! I am not getting excited I think we are a long way from the real deal but hey if she wants to explore I am all for it! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Best Friends Forever!
They love each other!
35 weeks along! :) Holy crap only 5 more weeks to go!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Pics

We had a good weekend, on Saturday we went to North Vernon to my cousin's wedding- congrats to Justin and Missy! Then we came home and had a romantic dinner of Papa Murphys and the dessert I made pictured below! I was lazy that night what can I say, it has been happening a lot lately. Needless to say I eat a lot of cereal, and I don't mind!

I cleaned out Abbey's dresser to make room for new baby stuff and found this hat and she has been wearing it off and on all day!
This is how I found her after her nap, apparently this is how we wear shirts now.

This is the dessert I made for Shane on Valentine's Day- at least I made something right?!

Abbey and Grandma Ginger at Justin's wedding

Abbey being a big girl sitting at the table, this was her Valentine's Day outfit :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!

My neices Megan and Rachel at their band dinner, they looked so pretty!
Grandma Maureen and Abs too bad her eyes are shut!
Aunt Sherry and Abbey acting silly
Abbey loves her hat!
She also likes to wear it backwards
Look at that face!
Isn't this shirt too cute!?
She would NOT smile for me at all

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts or Ideas

So what do you think Abbey should get for the new baby as a little gift to bring to the hospital? Abbey does not have any attachement to a toy/blanket and I hope the new baby won't either, not to say the gift could not still be a little stuffed animal but its not like Abbey as a huge dependancy that we want to start with this baby, know what I mean? Anyways the new baby will be getting Abbey a book or two about being a big sister and potty training.

Any veteran moms of two or more have any suggestions for the changes about to turn Abbey's world upside down?! That is the only thing that really has me nervous (oh and the fact that Abbey will be staying all night without me for a few days!) is messing up Abbey's schedule so I am going to *try* my hardest to keep her as normal as possible. Anyways let me know how you did it and what worked and what did not work for you! I know the staying all night away from me is not that big of a deal, it's just that we have not done that yet. It will probably help that she will most likely be with her Aunt Beth since she lives right next door and it will be the easiest especially if baby #2 decides to come in the middle of the night! We shall see.

Funny thing happened last night during bathtime...which by the way is typically a Daddy Abbey thing...she pooped in the tub. I know it happens all the time with kids but this was a first for us. Shane said she got on all fours and he thought she was choking (she likes to try to blow bubbles under the water but ends up drinking some) and then realized that she was grunting!!! Luckily this was during play time and not actual cleaning time, and luckily it was a night that Daddy was giving her a bath.

I am feeling much better, this weekend threw me for a loop, I had the stomach flu on Friday night and started recovering Saturday evening. My back hurts still from throwing up so much, sad huh? I think Abbey gave it to me from when she was sick on my birthday, I hope hope hope Shane does not get it too. Anyways I am feeling much better and feeling very pregnant, my stomach is very tight all the time not just at night anymore. I also get heartburn if I drink water which I remember from last time as well. Now the only thing I am missing is the feeling of having been on a bicyclye for hours, and trust me I am not missing that!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Funny Faces

Abbey found a new chair
And she likes to read in it
She also likes to make funny faces
Someone got a powdered donut...
She was very happy about it

Getting her hair cut, while feeding her face
She can see again, her bangs are out of her eyes!
This is how Abbey shows you her teeth!
She is getting quite good at making silly faces!
Look at her wrinkled nose!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What every Mom wants for her birthday

Well today is my birthday and I was able to sleep in til 8 45, thought that meant it would be a good day...WRONG...I should have known when Abbey was sitting up in bed and was kind of not really moving a whole lot...I wouldn't either if it were full of puke. Puke from one end of the bed to the other...she apparently had something with tomato and I had not even had a shower yet, heck I did not even have pants on at this point so I just started undressing her to get her in the bath since she had dried puke crusted to her head. Then I get her down to her diaper all while trying to avoid slinging puke on me from taking her shirt and pants off only to find when I take her diaper off that it is full of poop! Come on!! Puke and poop, she is really trying to win my heart here. Well I get her a bath and then I have to deal with the crib, yes I am still sans pants, I mean why put them on now I am about to get in the shower myself- I contemplated taking a shower and just putting Abbey in with me but thought that if she was really still sick that her first time using the shower should not be one that she may not like. So I go to the crib, thank goodness I can't smell, oh did I not mention that I am sick too, because if I could smell there probably would have been a lot more puke. I managed to get all of her bedding wrapped up in the sheet and carried it to the washer...with puker following right behind sure not to miss a minute of what was going on. Oh cheese cubes apparently take longer than 15 hours to be digested in a toddlers system- for future reference. Then I went in her room and sanitized her mattress and put a new sheet on and plopped the regurgitator down with her milk and went to take a shower and get some darn pants on. Of course the whole time Abbey is screaming and all I could think was that she was going to scream so much that I was going to walk back in to a puke fest, thankfully I did not. Well Princess Pukesalot is now sitting in her rocking chair reading her books like nothing traumatic ever happened on my 29th birthday- I will have a great story to tell her in years to come that's for sure! Here's hoping we both start feeling better today! Pregnancy wise I am feeling great- baby #2 (no I still don't have a name) is a lot more active than I seem to remember Abbey being she is moving and jumping all the time! Lots of stretching too, Abbey seemed to just poke and kick, this one is going at it from all sides and top and bottom...I do not enjoy the bottom kicks at all they feel very strange! I go back to the doctor on February 12th (my Grandma Gootees birthday!) and Abbey is scheduled to go to her doc on March 3rd. Valentine's day is coming up and Shane and I normally celebrate with a nice dinner in...since I love to cook...but I am looking for a good dish to try any one have any suggestions? We like pretty much anything you can put in your mouth! I think though I may want to try a nice fish dish, Shane prefers a milder fish he hates salmon which makes me sad but loves tuna...kind of crazy huh? Anyways if you have a good recipe or idea for me let me know! I think I am going to use my torch to make creme brulee again it was fantastic on Christmas Eve!