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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

36 weeks

Just got back from my 36 week appointment and all is well! My weight is good, bp is where it should be, the baby's head is down (she actually told me she felt it!), my cervix is still behind the baby's head but she said that was normal for now, I am barely if even dilated to 1/2 a cm- so basically nothing is really going on! Abbey was in the room and she just sat on a little chair in the room and watched she was very well behaved and then told all of the nurses bye bye when we were leaving. We had a very exciting day- we started out by going to Jo Ann's to find material for a pillow for her new bed and possibly some fabric to hang on her closet since we do not have doors yet but did not find anything for the closet but got some really cute polka dot fabric for her pillow. Then we went to Once Upon a Child to get a few more newborn long pants/sleeve outfits for baby #2 then to Panera for a nice lunch treat! Abbey did NOT like her soup at Panera- broccoli cheddar- she only ate bread, it is kind of strong flavor I guess! We then came home for a 2 hour nap and then up and to the doctor! Now we are going to *try* to go to Ash Wednesday mass later, I am really hoping Shane can make it home in time to go because I am pretty tired to try to wrangle a toddler for an hour! Plus she only had a 2 hour nap, not a normal 3 hour...we shall see how it goes!

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