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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pee Pee in the Potty

Ok so Shane gives Abs a bath at night and every night he sits her on the potty (the big one for now) and asks her if she has to pee...well she also goes in the bathroom with me every time I go to the bathroom and I tell her what I am doing and she says pee, poo, or potty each time so I think she has some idea of what is going on. SO tonight Shane asked her while she was in the bath if she had to pee and she said yes (which she always says yes) but this time when he sat her on the toilet she peed!!!

She has been telling us when she needs a new diaper especially if it is dirty she says poo. Now it was my intention of not trying to start any potty training seriously until after the new baby came and things got settled and in to a routine...but now I may reconsider! We are going to get her a potty training chair to put in the bathroom and just see how it goes I think, no need to rush her but if she is ready then by all means let's do this! I am not getting excited I think we are a long way from the real deal but hey if she wants to explore I am all for it! :)

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Maschino's said...

Potty training is definately not something to get to excited over. It is definately a long hard road. Some say their children catch on so simply but that is a slim crowd. My experience, which I'm not saying is great, is to let them do it when they want. The more you push them and get agrivated the less it works. I've had kids that are 3 or 4 that get potty trained in 3 days and others that are 2 that takes a year, so I'd say don't waste your time unless she's ready.