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Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts or Ideas

So what do you think Abbey should get for the new baby as a little gift to bring to the hospital? Abbey does not have any attachement to a toy/blanket and I hope the new baby won't either, not to say the gift could not still be a little stuffed animal but its not like Abbey as a huge dependancy that we want to start with this baby, know what I mean? Anyways the new baby will be getting Abbey a book or two about being a big sister and potty training.

Any veteran moms of two or more have any suggestions for the changes about to turn Abbey's world upside down?! That is the only thing that really has me nervous (oh and the fact that Abbey will be staying all night without me for a few days!) is messing up Abbey's schedule so I am going to *try* my hardest to keep her as normal as possible. Anyways let me know how you did it and what worked and what did not work for you! I know the staying all night away from me is not that big of a deal, it's just that we have not done that yet. It will probably help that she will most likely be with her Aunt Beth since she lives right next door and it will be the easiest especially if baby #2 decides to come in the middle of the night! We shall see.

Funny thing happened last night during bathtime...which by the way is typically a Daddy Abbey thing...she pooped in the tub. I know it happens all the time with kids but this was a first for us. Shane said she got on all fours and he thought she was choking (she likes to try to blow bubbles under the water but ends up drinking some) and then realized that she was grunting!!! Luckily this was during play time and not actual cleaning time, and luckily it was a night that Daddy was giving her a bath.

I am feeling much better, this weekend threw me for a loop, I had the stomach flu on Friday night and started recovering Saturday evening. My back hurts still from throwing up so much, sad huh? I think Abbey gave it to me from when she was sick on my birthday, I hope hope hope Shane does not get it too. Anyways I am feeling much better and feeling very pregnant, my stomach is very tight all the time not just at night anymore. I also get heartburn if I drink water which I remember from last time as well. Now the only thing I am missing is the feeling of having been on a bicyclye for hours, and trust me I am not missing that!


The Patterson Family said...

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better! I had Nicolas bring Grace a few things, such as a new outfit, a book that he could "read" to her, and then something special that he liked from his things when he was a baby. (kinda a passing the torch sort of thing) It worked well for us, and made him feel very important. Just a thought!


Aunt Julie said...

Maybe Abbey could bring an outfit for the baby to wear. It could be the outfit she wears home or maybe the one for the hospital picture. You could also take a picture of Abbey & the baby wearing the outfit then display it in a frame in Abbey's room.

I've heard other moms talk about making sure they spend some "special" time with the older siblings after the new baby arrives. Of course Abbey will want to help you take care of the new baby but she'll also need a little one on one time with both you & Shane. She is such a well adjusted little girl I'm sure she'll do just fine.

Maschino's said...

When we brought Brock home from the hospital we focused all of our time that day on Max. Brock was fed, changed and asleep. He did not need anything from us at that point. Max had been away from us for 2 days and he needed us. He was definately unsure what was happening, but we just rolled with him. He did not want anything to do with Brock for 3 weeks. Would not even walk on his blanket if it was on the floor. One day I walked in the room and Max was laying down beside Brock on his blanket and he was fine from that day forward. Just allow Abbey to react how she wants to and don't push her into holding and helping out. She will do it in her own time. Max and Brock are great brothers and now becoming the best of friends. Your heart will melt when she says to you one day mommy I love my sister so much because it did when Max told him he loves his brother "Brockie" so much! It will be priceless!!!!!