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Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Pics

We had a good weekend, on Saturday we went to North Vernon to my cousin's wedding- congrats to Justin and Missy! Then we came home and had a romantic dinner of Papa Murphys and the dessert I made pictured below! I was lazy that night what can I say, it has been happening a lot lately. Needless to say I eat a lot of cereal, and I don't mind!

I cleaned out Abbey's dresser to make room for new baby stuff and found this hat and she has been wearing it off and on all day!
This is how I found her after her nap, apparently this is how we wear shirts now.

This is the dessert I made for Shane on Valentine's Day- at least I made something right?!

Abbey and Grandma Ginger at Justin's wedding

Abbey being a big girl sitting at the table, this was her Valentine's Day outfit :)

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