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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What every Mom wants for her birthday

Well today is my birthday and I was able to sleep in til 8 45, thought that meant it would be a good day...WRONG...I should have known when Abbey was sitting up in bed and was kind of not really moving a whole lot...I wouldn't either if it were full of puke. Puke from one end of the bed to the other...she apparently had something with tomato and I had not even had a shower yet, heck I did not even have pants on at this point so I just started undressing her to get her in the bath since she had dried puke crusted to her head. Then I get her down to her diaper all while trying to avoid slinging puke on me from taking her shirt and pants off only to find when I take her diaper off that it is full of poop! Come on!! Puke and poop, she is really trying to win my heart here. Well I get her a bath and then I have to deal with the crib, yes I am still sans pants, I mean why put them on now I am about to get in the shower myself- I contemplated taking a shower and just putting Abbey in with me but thought that if she was really still sick that her first time using the shower should not be one that she may not like. So I go to the crib, thank goodness I can't smell, oh did I not mention that I am sick too, because if I could smell there probably would have been a lot more puke. I managed to get all of her bedding wrapped up in the sheet and carried it to the washer...with puker following right behind sure not to miss a minute of what was going on. Oh cheese cubes apparently take longer than 15 hours to be digested in a toddlers system- for future reference. Then I went in her room and sanitized her mattress and put a new sheet on and plopped the regurgitator down with her milk and went to take a shower and get some darn pants on. Of course the whole time Abbey is screaming and all I could think was that she was going to scream so much that I was going to walk back in to a puke fest, thankfully I did not. Well Princess Pukesalot is now sitting in her rocking chair reading her books like nothing traumatic ever happened on my 29th birthday- I will have a great story to tell her in years to come that's for sure! Here's hoping we both start feeling better today! Pregnancy wise I am feeling great- baby #2 (no I still don't have a name) is a lot more active than I seem to remember Abbey being she is moving and jumping all the time! Lots of stretching too, Abbey seemed to just poke and kick, this one is going at it from all sides and top and bottom...I do not enjoy the bottom kicks at all they feel very strange! I go back to the doctor on February 12th (my Grandma Gootees birthday!) and Abbey is scheduled to go to her doc on March 3rd. Valentine's day is coming up and Shane and I normally celebrate with a nice dinner in...since I love to cook...but I am looking for a good dish to try any one have any suggestions? We like pretty much anything you can put in your mouth! I think though I may want to try a nice fish dish, Shane prefers a milder fish he hates salmon which makes me sad but loves tuna...kind of crazy huh? Anyways if you have a good recipe or idea for me let me know! I think I am going to use my torch to make creme brulee again it was fantastic on Christmas Eve!


Allie-Mae's Mommy said...

Aaawww...poor Abbey...It is so hard seeing your lil one get sick like that, especially in their own bed. Was she able to keep the milk down as well? Too funny she acted like nothing ever occurred. Alex did the same thing a few months ago. I thought Doug was lying because she was perfect by the time I came home. There is definitely something going around because I was sick (throwing up sick) Monday. I am not throwing up anymore but definitely have a sensitive stomach still. I cant wait till spring when I can open the house, get the germs out and disinfect everything. I hope you have a better birthday evening...

The Patterson Family said...

Sorry to hear about your little girl noit feeling well. I think that bug has gotten around everywhere...we had it here in December!
As far as your dinner question, I made a fish dish that was really good. You use cod and top with a crab and parmesean cheese combo. If it sounds interesting, let me know and I'll get you the recipe. I love thinking up new dishes! We all ought to start a blog adding new recipies for us to try!