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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lots of doctor's appointments!

So yesterday was Abs 18 month check up and all went well she had a growth spurt in height and weight only a little bit. The doc said to just keep letting her "explore" the potty training thing because she will likely regress once the baby is born, so sticking with my plan to not really focus on it until a few weeks after we get settled with baby number 2 (which by the way I am about 98% sure we will be calling Kate). She got a shot and did very well with it. She entertained all the nurses at the check out by showing off her sparkly new brown shoes that match Mommy's.

Today I had my 37 week appt and I got nothin' goin' on, the doc had a hard time getting to my cervix again because it is still behind the baby's head and no dilation at all. We also had a great visit with my Aunt Julie and her baby Bennett, he is so expressive and such a good little guy! Looks just like his Daddy! The following pictures are of Abbey and her new spring coat and a video of her in the bath! Enjoy!

Great purchase on Ebay!
She wants to do everything by herself now, like zipping her new coat.
Cute little smile!

Bath Time Fun!

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