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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet the newest Zimmerman...

Well with spring comes new life right? Friday was the first day of spring and shortly there after Katherine Elizabeth Zimmerman came into the world. Here is our story.

On March 19th we get to the hospital and settled in our room finally at 10 pm, we were supposed to check in at 7:30, so then I get an IV which was not so much fun this time around but I managed! I had to wait until 12:30 am to get my cervidil because the resident doctor was in on an emergency c-section. When I got that I was barely 1 cm dilated, after this we could finally get some rest. I tossed and turned and poor Shane tried the recliner but each time he moved he would fold up the chair again! Honestly for those of us who have to get induced we should get some sort of extra accommodations for the poor husbands who have to stay all night with us because Shane resorted to the floor and luckily the nice nurse came in and told him she would find him a bed and that it hurt her back to just look at him. Then shortly after Kate was born and the room was a hot mess Shane realized that just hours before he had been laying with his head on that very same floor now covered in well…you can imagine what it was covered in!

So we try to sleep, or shall I say I tried to sleep my dear old husband was sawing logs like no other and was struggling to roll from side to side. I did not get much sleep but morning came and I did get to take a shower and actually eat…a liquid lunch of chicken broth, jello, sprite and apple juice it was fantastic! I then started pitocen and having slow contractions. At this point I did not even have to breathe through the contractions they were very mild and I was dilated to 2 cm. This time around my regular doctor was not on call and I had a great doctor from my practice watching me. She asked what my pain plan was and I basically said bring on the drugs! Last time I had to wait until I was 4 cm dilated to get my epidural and this time was totally different, the first time I mentioned epidural my doctor asked if I wanted it! I actually wanted to hold off and see if the pitocen would kick up some heavy consistent contractions and since I really did not feel much pain with what was going on I held off. Then my parents (mom and step-dad) came up for the event and hung out with us and I started to get sleepy and began to think about Nubain and took my shot of that at 6 pm to psych myself up for the epidural. I knew what Nubain did from last time and it really put me at ease so I figured that it would help me when the big needle came out! Now my parents left at this time to go see Abs and get some dinner and Shane went to the cafeteria to let me sleep for a bit, well little did I know that super mom would be in the room next to me having her first baby au natutal- right as I was falling asleep into a drug induced dream of a gigantic cat wearing a red and white gingham check bikini mowing our lawn this woman is letting out some serious cries of pain! I could not sleep and this poor woman went on for about 10 minutes and then the cries of a little tiny baby came, after that there was not sleeping for me so I hit up my nurse and requsted the wonder drug. I got my epidural and it was smooth sailing! I finally got some rest and 10 pm rolls around and I get checked again and was finally at 4 cm and while the nurse was checking me my water broke, again the flood gates opened up and it was pretty funny. She looked at me and said “wow you weren’t joking when you said you had a lot of fluid” nope no jokes about that! That really felt good and Kate moved down from under my ribs and I started to get serious about contractions from then on out. A few hours pass and I can sleep off and on but need to call for a round of extra drugs to be shot into my epidural because I can feel sharp pains right in the middle of my uterus when contractions came. This was not new to me as I felt this same way with Abbey a few hours before she was born so I hoped the end was in sight when I started feeling this! Finally at about 2:15 or so I was checked again and I was at 7 cm and from experience I knew that I would probably go to 10 pretty quickly. I chose to let my parents sleep since my dad had to drive back to Seymour in the morning to work at 7 am, and I knew that they might not make it to the hospital in time if I called them then, good thing I did not call them because at 2:45 I was at 10 and ready to get the show on the road. The nurse began setting up my room and called my doctor down and asked me to give her a few practice pushes and then told me not to do that because she did not think I would have to push long since the baby’s head was already coming down with those pushes! The doctor got there and I did one set of pushes and Kate’s head came out but her cord was wrapped around her neck pretty tightly so I had to stop pushing, which is hard to do when you are having contractions, but the doc took care of the cord and then I pushed one more time and she was out! At 3:09 am on March 21st little Miss Kate entered our world weighing in at 6 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long looking exactly like her big sister Abbey! We all checked out well and finished up as usual and got to our recovery room and took naps and waited for the introduction of big sister to little sister! That went very well and Abbey wanted to hold Kate all by herself, which of course she can’t do, but Aunt Beth and my mom sat Abbey in a chair and Aunt Beth held Kate on Abbey’s lap and Abbey kept pusing her hands away wanting to do it on her own! Then Aunt Beth’s knees got tired of pressing on the hard floor and she told Abbey she needed to take Kate away and Abbey wrapped her arms around Kate and said NO! It was too cute! Then out came Abbey’s new toys and in came Aunt Sherry and Kate was soon forgotten about! Things went really well and Abbey was really gentle now come Monday when she realized that Kate is really part of the family and will be living with us at home it may be a different story!
We are in the hospital until Monday morning and all has been going well so far! I am one of those people who take advantage of the nursery while at the hospital during the night and don’t feel the least bit guilty about it- I know I need my rest for the upcoming days! Kate has been breast feeding like an old pro the minute she came out of the oven, pray that this continues at home for us! She seems to be pretty laid back and content just hanging out with Mom and Dad or whoever will hold her for that matter! Below are some of the pictures from the first few days with Kate, it really has been amazing a true gift from God. Thanks to everyone who said lots of prayers for us and had us in your thoughts we truly appreciate it and are thankful things went so well! Can’t wait to see you all soon! Lots of love from the new Zimmerman family
Just out of the oven!
It was a long journey to get her here!
Meeting her big sister Abbey! Abbey looks SO big now!
So peaceful!
In the recovery room hanging out with Mommy!

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