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Monday, March 16, 2009

Since you asked

Everyone keeps asking what we need...well not much but a few things may be nice to have :) So here are a few suggestions or things I think it would be nice to have! Some things we do not need until later but like I said since you asked.... ;) I will update if I think of any other handy things!

Gift cards to restaurants so I can send Shane for take out instead of cooking those first few weeks! :)

We need a diaper caddy to put in the living room for diaper changes this one is nice because it comes with a little pad to do the changing on! Oh and diapers to fill it are always nice- newborn and size 6 for Abbey (or pull-ups to fit a 25-30 lb toddler for future potty training) I hear from a friend that Abbey also needs the Elmo Potty Training video!

Abbey LOVED this mobile SO much that it has to travel to her new room so Kate will need one of her own! Abbey still uses this every night and morning, sometimes she turns it on during the middle of the night and it puts her right back to sleep we love this thing and would not mind duplicating it! :)

Abbey will be upgrading to this in a few months when Kate starts sitting at the table with us. We would like a booster seat that straps to the bottom and back of a chair.

We like the VentAire for bottle feeding and we only have 9 oz bottles and need the smaller ones.

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