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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trip to the hospital

Well today was my 38 week check up and while I was getting "checked" my doctor thought she felt a hand where the head should be so she sent me over to get an ultrasound...well Kate was transverse, meaning that her head was at one side of my belly and her butt was on the other side and her feet were pointing down where her head should be. So this meant that my doctor wanted me to get an "aversion" in which the doctor manipulates the baby from outside your stomach in hopes of getting them to turn head down, did not sound like a fun way to spend my afternoon! The reason she wanted to do this was because I am dilated to 1 (with no change of my cervix) but if my water broke and I go into labor the cord could come down first which would not be good so she suggested that I go and try this aversion technique. So Shane came home and we went to the hospital and the doctor who does this aversion thing was busy so we went to get a bite to eat and then back to the hospital to check in. Once we got there I was very nervous because I hear this procedure is uncomfortable and I am a wimp! So they get the ultrasound machine hooked up and check the position again and Kate was head down again! She had turned in a matter of an hour an a half! So they did not have to do the aversion after all! I was told I have a lot of fluid and that the baby could be floating causing her to not always be head down, I had tons of fluid with Abbey too so maybe that is just my normal! My doctor did say she would induce me on March 19th when I was 39 weeks because of my uncooperative cervix so as of now I will be going in on March 19th for Cervidil and then Pitocen on the morning of the 20th if needed. I called the doctor's office after leaving the hospital to see what the next step should be and they have not called back yet so hopefully I know more tomorrow! I did have contractions at the hospital but nothing that I haven't been feeling already. Stay tuned...

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LauraB said...

So glad you didn't have to have the aversion! I never had to do it but I too have heard it hurt! :(

Here's hoping you don't have to be induced and that baby just come out on it's own!

I can't wait to see pics!! :)