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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ok folks looks like we are a go for the induction date of the 19th. For those who don't know I was induced with Abs b/c my cervix was not softening and not shortening like it is supposed to the last few weeks of pregnancy. I had not changed for 4 weeks with Abbey and only got a fingertip dilated and carried 40 weeks and 1 day when I was induced. After this ordeal yesterday and talking with my doctor we thought that this induction was our best choice, makes me happy because she was talking c section this week! The problem this time is that my cervix is dilated to 1 cm but still very high and behind the baby's head and kind of tilted (yah imagine getting that checked weekly!) so since part of my body is cooperating there is the chance that I could go into labor on my own but Kate's head would not be engaged because there is so much fluid keeping her afloat and that could mean that the cord or something else could come out before the baby in which I would get an emergency c-seciton, my doctor is trying to avoid a c-section as much as she can so that is why she wants to go at 39 weeks. This is fine with me because my belly is very full of fluid and I am thirsty 24 hours a day so I am drinking water like a camel and that means more fluid in my belly! I swear I visit the bathroom at least 3 times an hour during the day and at least 2 times if not more during the night, which I hate with a passion! Anyways I feel Kate up under my ribs all day and night, which I also did with Abbey up until the point they broke my water and she finally slid down in to the right position! My blood pressure was also up a little at my last appointment (which was the case with Abbey too) and my toes are getting a little plump- luckily no cankles yet but when I bend my toes I can tell they are bigger than normal! So for now we are set to go to the hospital on the 19th at 7:30 pm. If we have changes I will try to post them!

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The Patterson Family said...

Brooke, i don't know if this will help or ot, but I feel your pain, or felt it. With Nicolas (my 1st) I was induced, didn't work, so they sent me home only to be induced again 2 weeks later. With Grace (#2) I was in the exacy same boat as you are, high, high, high, with not much dialation and a partially "hidden" cervix. They brought me in for an induction, and as soon as they broke my water and gave me the epidural she dropped and I dialated fully within 2 - 3 hours.

So, I hope that I am giving you some hope that just because things aren't going anywhere now, with #2 it usually goes faster once they get the induction ball rolling.

Good Luck and Keep us posted!