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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


What a difference it makes to be at HOME! I feel so much better, my body does not ache anymore and the cramping is subsiding nicely! I never thought I would look forward to doing laundry, sweeping, cooking and cleaning as much as I did today- it was just nice to get up and more around! Yesterday was the first day at home and it was a little rough with Abbey- she was missing her Mommy and Daddy by the time we got home and then throw Kate in the mix and it was crazy. It was especially hard when she saw me breastfeeding Kate- she wanted in my lap too which was not possible! Things got better when we turned on her "movie" aka cartoons. Then we got Abs to bed and started to move Kate to the bedroom to get ready to turn in ourselves. Kate had to be put on a bili blanket because she was slightly jaundiced so that has been fun we don't really get to hold her a lot (well we do but only in one seat in the living room so Shane and I take turns!) and then she lays on this blanket as much as possible with a big tube sticking out of it so you can't walk around with her and then when you go to feed or change her it's a whole ordeal! I thought last night would be awful but it turned out to be better than Abbeys first night home. I kept Kate in the room with us in her bassinet and did not leave the room to feed her and also kept her in just a diaper but swaddled to sleep and so when I would take her out of the swaddle she would wake up a little and feed better then go back to sleep for about 45 min or so! So from 11-4 I would get about 30-45 min interval sleep sessions then at about 4:40 she slept til 8! It was awesome. Then we went and got Abbey and had family time in bed and I was feeding Kate and it did not seem to bother her as much. We then had to go to the hospital and get Kate's levels checked and then to WalMart, both trips were fine however I had Shane to go with me it will be different getting out with two! Kate needs to be on the bili blaket until Thursday when we go get another check up, Friday is her 1 week appt at the peditrician I hope she is gaining weight. Breastfeeding has been going pretty good so far so I hope that continues. Wish us luck on the 2nd night, we started implementing the "Babywise" techniques today so maybe that will help us fall into a schedule quickly.

Last day in the hospital, hence the goofy grin.
My sleeping angels
All wrapped up
Our little glow worm, this is the bili blanket
Rise and shine!

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