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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Corn Crazy

Aunt Beth did pig tails for her!
Pretty girl
She likes to be held like a baby
Piggy tails
All dressed up for a wedding
Loved corn on the cob
She stole it from Mimmy and ate it all!
Kate and Daddy
Peaceful KayKay

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Swim of the Year

Abbey went swimming for the first time last night with Aunt Beth and her cousins, she had just splashed Beth here!
Such a big girl swimming all by herself
Her "smile"
She sure was having fun!
All dried off and ready to go home!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy Busy Bees!

We had a very busy weekend! Here are a ton of pics! Enjoy
Kate all dressed up for a wedding!
Abbey and her cousing Rachel
Abbey and her goofy smile
My new do when I straighten it!
Playing with a phone, she loves them and even calls 911 sometimes...oops
Bunny foo-foo who lives in our 'hood
Kate with her little fat mouth wide open
Making funny faces at Aunt Beth
Another goofy smile
Sitting pretty
With her cousin Megan
Mommy and her girls all dressed up
Mowing the grass
First swim of the year
This was a dolphin she kept calling it a "shish" she can't say her "f" so Uncle Frank is "Crank" Cruisin
Kay Kay looking so big
So Pretty

Spinning with Daddy
Looking like such a big girl

Friday, May 22, 2009

Totally Forgot....

to mention that Kate slept thru the night! She had her last feeding at 9 pm and slept til 5:30 am!! She rocks. Also this is what we do when Abbey naps...Kate photo shoot!!

Full Tummy=Happy Baby
Smiling at the camera, she actually said cheese

She was in a funny mood!
Big stretches
Random outburst of madness that lasted about 2 seconds
And then she snoozes

The other baby needed his picture taken
Serious face
Laying on the couch

Her Monkey Toes, just like her father's

Her toes are SO long

Aunt Beth says she has old lady hands...
So small

Sheesh Time Flies

Wow it's been a bit since I posted, summer time is busy! Let's see KayKay will be 9 weeks tomorrow and Abbey is in full toddler mode! She is hitting the terrible 2's in full force, tantrums galore! She is in LOVE with Dora and since they are semi educational I let her watch them, probably more than I should but I get stuff done that way...or I get to read a guilty pleasure! Abbey got her first real boo boo (well minus the day zeke jumped on her face but that was like when she was 3 months old) she fell in our driveway and scrapped her knee, see pic below, and it was healing up quite nicely when today she fell again, I may have dragged her a bit too because I had Kate in her car seat on one arm along with a suit from the dry cleaners and Abbey was holding my other hand and she had her Dora backpack in her other hand and it had to hit the ground with each step she took- ocd??- well anyways she went down and Mommy and Kate kept trucking! Oops. So she had a meltdown in the car and of course I had no bandaids and she had to wait until we got to Buy Buy Baby. Wow-we that store seriously rocks- it is owned by Bed Bath and Beyond and it is totally awesome. We got Kate a cotton swaddle me blanket and Abbey some good old fashioned plastic training pants, they are hard to find now because most people use pull ups. Big plans for this weekend- a wedding tomorrow and a cookout with college friends on Sunday and then a birthday party for Uncle Jon on Monday. Sometime in between all of that I need to get a suit for my TWO interviews I have coming up! I really need some prayers that I get an offer it is time for me to go back to work! I have been doing Jillian Michaels The Shred dvd workout this week and it is HARD, I hope to see results because I have also been eating a lot better and drinking lots of water. Happy Memorial Day to everyone, I hope to have some pics from this weekend for you at some point! A big thank you to all of the men and women who serve our country, remember them this weekend and all they do for us.

This is how Kate should be dressed all day because of the amount of spit up she gives us, but alas she has too many cute outfits that she gets dirty.
Abbey and Daddy reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Notice her boo-boo, or her owie as she calls it, she also says Daddy each time she points to it- not because he gave it to her but because she was running to see him when she did it!
Mommy and her favorite little fit throwing toddler
My update- 9 weeks post Kate!