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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sorry its been so long since our last update here, we have been busy! I try to get out of the house at least once a day and this last week had been really busy and really fun! It helps my day go past quickly if we get out in the mornings- Mondays we go to the bank and maybe the store, Tuedays we go to the library for story time and then Wed-Friday we just get out to Target, the Mall, a park whatever just as long as we are out I could care less where we are going!

Abbey update- Abbey has known body parts for some time now but she has added a few new ones such as "head, shoulders, knees and toes" we try to sing the song each day! Sometimes she gets it sometimes she just looks at me like I am crazy. She has also learned elbow- which comes out as "bell-bow" that is Shane and I's favorite thing to make her say right now! She has also started saying "get you" because Shane and I chase her around saying "I am going to get you" so she will now chase us and say "get you" laughing the whole way. She is getting all 4 of her canines- NOT FUN for Mommy. She is very grouchy and cries at the drop of a hat now. Abbey's new favorite cartoon is Dora, I probably let her watch too much of it but hey I have things to get done too! She will participate when they ask questions and she will say map and backpack at the right times, it is pretty cute! We have also been working on colors and she knows a few from the flashcards- pink, purple, black (she points at her back when she says black b/c it sounds the same!) and the one that she knows that I thought was strange is gray? She will say gray every time I show her the gray card, and sometimes green, blue and red- sometimes! She can say all of the colors but can only identify a few, we have only been doing this for 3 days so she is doing really well! She is also trying to jump, she does not get her feet off the floor but she looks like she is getting ready to soon and she says jump when she tries to jump. She also acts like a turtle and a tiger a lot now. Abbey is really enjoying coloring, and so am I since Kristina got her the markers and coloring book that only allows her to color on the book- the markers won't color on the sofas or walls or floors so she can color unsupervised- or "culley" as Abbey says. She is saying so many words now it is so fun- she just heard a bird out out window that is open and said "duck" and started waving- she is a riot! She has also taken to wearing hats quite well and frequently wears her daisy bucket hat around the house just hanging out!!

Kate- Kate is smiling at us now and cooing, and still grunting! She is sleeping really well at night waking only one time to eat and then go right back to sleep so I am very happy! Poor girl is a spitter just like her older sister was so she is constantly in a bib or changing clothes! She seems happy and is gaining weight so the doc is not concerned. She weighed 8.3 lbs at her one month check up and she is now 7 weeks old and weighs 9 lbs! Her neck is getting very strong too she likes to hold it up when you hold her on your chest. She loves her swing and looking at her mobile. We still need to get her a mobile for the crib, Fisher Price has a new one that projects lights onto the ceiling I really want to get that one for her soon.

Shane and I- We get out to play golf once a week after Shane gets off work thanks to our amazing neice Megan who watches the angels for us. I am getting a lot better and I love it, my goal is to beat Shane by the end of the season, we shall see...

I am still trying to lose weight and it is going pretty well. I started eating smaller more frequent meals and snacks- trying to make them high in fiber and protien. I am also on Day 2 of Jillian Michaels (the biggest loser trainer) The Shred workout and it is HARD, I am so sore it hurts to sit down and stand up so it must be doing something. It is only 20 minutes so I can work it in somewhere during the day- I have not napped the last two days that the girls nap instead I have worked out!! It is hard to motivate myself especially when I am sore but I feel so much better about myself when I do so I hope to stay on track. I am going to get my hair cut tonight and I hope she can get it to do what I want...then I may color it at home we will see! I will post a pic if I do!

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LauraB said...

I did one day of the shred and haven't picked it back up...Ouch!

You should totally join my MOPs group next year!! It starts again in Sept...stands for 'mothers of preschoolers'.

It's basically like a Christian based mommy support group and we hang out and learn parenting stuff while our little ones play in the church nursery (or age 2+ actually does like a Sunday school class). Every other Wednesday. LOVE IT!!!!