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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Photo Shoot!

Ok so I took this myself and if Abbey's eyes were open it would have been perfect- but it's still good!
Getting mad she can't roll over
Little Miss Ruffle Butt
Best Friends Always
So big

She is so long!
She is holding her head up really well!
She was posing for me!

Just adorable!
I know there are a lot of pictures of Kate but they were so good today!
Saying "cheese"
Grandma Ginger it's time for a visit...her hair is out of control!
Her manners are impecable!
Going in for a kiss
I love close ups when they aren't looking!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Weekend!

What a fun weekend! I went to a new ministry at church and met some new friends on Saturday and can't wait to go back! Saturday afternoon we hung out and were pretty lazy. Sunday we went to church and came home and Shane showed me how to mow the grass, I had never ever in my whole life actually mowed a lawn! Crazy huh? I did ok for my first time! We had Sunday dinner with the Woods family and then went to see fireworks! Funny story from Abbey- Shane was taking her to bed one night this weekend and he stumbled and tripped over his own feet and jostled her around a bit and she said "Whoa, Crazy"...she is too much! So now she has been saying "whoa, crazy" all the time! Enjoy the pictures!

Daddy and Abbey, she would say boom, pretty and then oooooo. She also named the colors as she saw them!
Eating her ice cream sandwich!
She enjoyed this and only got a little bit on her shirt!
Me mowing for the first time ever!!!
KayKay's first time in the pool
This suit was Abbey's that she never got to wear her first summer and so it is 0-3 months and it is too small for Kate already- she got a new one today at Target for only 3 bucks, can't beat that!!
It's hard to take pics of fireworks
I made a few attempts!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hilarious Video

Here are a few pictures from the last few days. Kate only sports a suit she has not gotten in the pool yet, I doubt she gets in this year. She is pretty content sitting in her car seat poolside, her suit is actually Abbey's first suit that Aunt Beth bought for her but Abbey never even got to put it on. Kate's little belly really fills it out! News with Abbey- she is talking more and more everyday and stringing together words for small sentances, we have got to watch what we say now for sure! She also likes to take her clothes off, pants mostly, and say "nekkid" but when I ask her if she wants to potty on the big girl potty she screams, then sometimes she says potty and points to her diaper but she will not go sit on the potty chair- I am not going to push it when she is ready we will go with it. We do watch a lof of Dora around here now, I don't feel so bad as Abbey did count to 13 the other day and she interacts with the videos when they ask her questions!! Kate news- still sleeping really well from about 9:30 am to 6 am. I am using the same scheduling I used with Abbey which means I wake up at 6 am everyday and feed Kate then we all go back to sleep til 9 am, the only exception to the 3 hour rule is that somedays she will eat at 12 then take a long nap from about 2-4 then eat at 4. Just depends on her mood but for the most part we do every 3 hours during the day. She loves getting a bath in the big tub (the one we put over the kitchen sink) Abbey did not like it so much but I think that is because we had the water too cold! Kate just loves it.

She is sitting up so well
Too cute!
Abbey wanted to swing, not a good idea I think it was really taking a toll on the swing!

This video is of Abbey making animal sounds, she is looking at her book and telling me what animal it is and making the sound, I love the chicken and when she tries to say cock-a-doodle-doo- oh and when I ask her what a bunny does she is wiggling her nose! Too cute. Be sure your sound is on!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just wanted to brag

Today we were in the car driving home and I hear Abbey start to count, normally she will say 1, 2, 3 but today she went all the way to 13 by herself with NO prompting or coaching from me just did it all by herself out of the blue! She also knows her colors and shapes (basic ones of course- no hexagon or magenta yet) and she will repeat the ABC's when you say them with her!! She is also talking more and more each day. She also swims by herself with arm floaties on, she will even tell you when she wants to do so by saying "SELF!!" it's pretty cute.

Kate has discovered that hiccups are hilarious and she enjoys napping poolside.

Thanks for letting me shamelessly brag about my girls!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trip to North Vernon!

We had a fun trip to North Vernon today here are a few pictures!

Chatting with Mimmy!
Hanging on Grandma Gootee's front porch
Waiting on the hummingbirds
Smelling fresh thyme
Showing her cheesy smile
Holding kaykay
She climbed right in this bassinet!
Picking fresh blueberries and eating them!
I used to do this same thing when I was a little girl....actually on these very same bushes!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Italian Fest!

We went to the Italian Fest this last weekend and it was a great time! Abbey had fun riding the slide and the carousel. Kate spent most of her time on me in the front carrier!

Hanging out on the couch
Abbeys first carnival ride!

Looks like they had fun!
Whoa, that was awesome!
Loved the carousel...the first time, the second time she was just not interested?
Family photo, we don't get too many of these!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sitting on the deck
So serious
Chillin in the backyard
Her new house slippers
She loves them!
Sneaking sips- she told all 4 of us to each "watch" tv and pointed at the tv until we all did then tried to sneak a sip...
Looking at Abbey