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Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Weekend!

What a fun weekend! I went to a new ministry at church and met some new friends on Saturday and can't wait to go back! Saturday afternoon we hung out and were pretty lazy. Sunday we went to church and came home and Shane showed me how to mow the grass, I had never ever in my whole life actually mowed a lawn! Crazy huh? I did ok for my first time! We had Sunday dinner with the Woods family and then went to see fireworks! Funny story from Abbey- Shane was taking her to bed one night this weekend and he stumbled and tripped over his own feet and jostled her around a bit and she said "Whoa, Crazy"...she is too much! So now she has been saying "whoa, crazy" all the time! Enjoy the pictures!

Daddy and Abbey, she would say boom, pretty and then oooooo. She also named the colors as she saw them!
Eating her ice cream sandwich!
She enjoyed this and only got a little bit on her shirt!
Me mowing for the first time ever!!!
KayKay's first time in the pool
This suit was Abbey's that she never got to wear her first summer and so it is 0-3 months and it is too small for Kate already- she got a new one today at Target for only 3 bucks, can't beat that!!
It's hard to take pics of fireworks
I made a few attempts!

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