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Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th oOJuly

This 4th of July was my Grandpa John and Grandma Rose's 50th wedding anniversary, how awesome is that what great role models for Shane and I! We got a nice family shot of the whole gang (minus only a few). I have had two interviews this week, one with the state of Indiana and one with Kappa Delta Pi the one with the state is downtown and would be ideal since my mother in law and sister in law both work downtown we could carpool- KDP is on the northside all the way by the pyramids- blah- but hey right now a job is a job! I sure will miss being at home with the girls but I am so hoping that I get a job soon! Say some prayers for us please.

We also went to the zoo this past Sunday and it was a perfect day, we took Aunt Beth and Uncle Crank with us and Abbey had a really good time. I want to take her back and go to the dolphin show- we haven't been to that the last 2 times we were there. I also want to take her to the children's museum soon they have some fun stuff for toddlers! That is about all that is going on here at the Zimmerman household, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

The Gootee Clan
Evie, Kate, Hannah
Me and a handsome little man, Bennett
Mimmy and Abs coloring- one of her favorite things to do
Her crazy feet in the car

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