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Friday, July 17, 2009


Ok so a few funny stories from the homestead.

First Zeke electrocuted himself last night! He is an idiot. Shane and I are sitting on the couch last night and Zeke is laying under Shane's feet as usual. We hear a muffled "poof" sound and Shane saw a light flash in the little oven door on Abbey's play kitchen, he looked down at Zeke and he was pretty confused looking apparently. Then Shane realizes that Zeke had been licking his computer's power cord! Dumb, dumb, dumb dog.

Then I also have an Abbey story. Ok so it's nap time and Abbey is a great napper, normally goes down with no fight...NOT today. I put her in bed, line up all like 9 of her animals along the railing so they are all looking at her, creepy if you ask me, and cover them with her pink blanket, then cover her with her green blanket soft side out so she can rub it and turn on her mobile. I go to the living room and see/hear her on the monitor sitting up screaming, I let her wail for about 5-10 min then realize this is not stopping and go in b/c I think something is really wrong with her or she is hurt or something...nope. She is sitting up holding on to the two little strings on the bottom of her capri's that have come untied from the bow that they are supposed to be tied in! She is screaming "tie, tie, tie", so I tie it in a bow, she lays down, I cover her up and she falls peacefully asleep. Is she for real?! Come on!

Kate is conked out next to me doing nothing funny at all.


The Patterson Family said...

WE have a dumb dog as well. Beagles are supposed to be smart, right? Then why does Lucy continue to try to detach herself from her body while on her tie-out by running as fast as she can? Also, why is she eating the grass around her kennel (as well as mint and pumpkin blossoms)? Dogs are definatly not as smart as we've been told! :-)

Rita Barget said...

Brook, you have a beautiful family. Abby and Kate are just precious and Shane is such a pleasure to work with. Your are truly blessed. Rita @ Demilec USA.