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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well today Abbey got her first haircut in a salon, we went to Cookie Cutters in Greenwood and she did very well. On the way there I was prepping her telling her she was going to have to sit in a "big girl" chair, and wear a cape like a princess. I asked if she was ready to get her hair cut about 5 minutes later and she said 'haircut, Grandma Ginger' I had not said a word about Grandma Ginger because I did not want her to think she was going to see her and then get there and no Grandma Ginger- she put this together from getting her hair cut by her in the past! Smart little thing isn't she?

We have finally found a childcare provider for the girls, they will start Monday when I start work. It will be so bittersweet for me, but in the long run I feel it will be the best thing I can do for them- I am a better mom actually when I work outside the home. The lady I went with is from one of our churches we attend and she actually sits about 5-6 rows ahead of us every Sunday! So we kind of 'know' her! I felt totally comfortable right when I met her and her house was very clean and very ready for children to come into! She was a teacher so Abbey will have some structured learning which I really like, I think she will learn a lot there. I also think she will have a lot of fun- and I feel Kate will be well taken care of too- she does not do too much yet! She is rolling over both ways like a champ now, she also gets mad if you try to hold her like a baby too much, she wants to sit up like a big girl and she will let you know. Here are some pics from the last few days.
Her before shot
It was so long!
We were going to grow it out to one length all around but it is so fine right now that it would have just hung in her face so we gave her bangs again! Bangs are in right?
She enjoyed driving the car
Finished new do!
Seriously all I do is wipe puke off this kids face and clothes, Abbey even wipes it off now when she does it and Abbey can get to the burp rag...she says 'ew puke, kate puked'
Getting so big!
Abbey made him hold all of her animals she drug out from her bedroom, and the spanish maracca- did I mention that she can count to 6 in spanish, and she says 'hola' to all of the characters in her Dora book?
She put on my shoes AND socks
She thought she was big stuff

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