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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lots of news!

Well sad news first, we are down one cat, Jezebel has left us. It is ok she lived a long life. It has been a super busy week already, I have been watching Dani, my niece, and Abbey has been having so much fun. She does not share her toys all that well all of the time but she sure loves Dani! Dani makes her feel like such a big girl, she is also teaching Abbey how to say lots of new words, good words like pentagon! Her Aunt Beth taught her "blow chunks" for when Kate pukes! Daddy taught her that her head is also a melon, and when he points to his wedding band she calls it a know like ball and chain, funny huh?

The best news of all is that tomorrow I will be accepting a job offer from AUL OneAmerica! I am so happy to be going back to work but I know it will be really hard to be away from Abbey and Kate all day! I have been home with Abbey since December, and with Kate well since March 21st!! I am sure it will be very different than when I went back to work when Abbey was born! I sure hope the girls don't drive Connie too crazy!! AUL is an insurance and retirement plan company, I will be a processor in the retirement services department. It is downtown so that really helps a lot! It will be so strange to not have to drive to the northside for work, but so very nice! I am really looking forward to the change, it is a huge company over 1,500 employees, I have never worked for such a large company but I think I am going to really enjoy it. Plus my mother in law and sister in law both work downtown so we can lunch together a lot!! So stay tuned for more info on that.

Kate also rolled over from back to belly today, so she can now roll over both ways! She also wants to sit up a lot and I am sure she will be doing that on her own soon!

Shanes cat retrieving outfit
Dani, Abbey, and Zeke hanging out
Abbey and Dani, this was Abbey's first time in the big girl cart- they are so hard to steer!!

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Congrats on the job!!