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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Wow, we were busy this weekend! We had a cookout and hung out with friends and relaxed, it was nice. I am still really enjoying my new job and trying to balance work and home life- we are getting into a great schedule. Abbey has been peeing on the potty a few times at Kallie's and then tonight she peed on the big girl potty at home! She was playing with Dora and said "Dora potty" then she took off her own pants and diaper and then we went into the bathroom and I had to use the bathroom first, then Abbey put her potty top on the toilet and used her step stool to climb up and she actually peed! I went to the doctor today because I had a bump on my wrist which the doc thinks may be a ganglion cyst, she gave me some anti inflammatory meds and told me to take them for two weeks then see if it went down and see if I still had any pain at all and if I did she will be referring me to a hand surgeon to have it drained or surgically removed, so say some prayers that it just goes away! It's not very painful except when I push down on it when my wrist is bent. Abbey sure has been enjoying her new dress up shoes, she loves them! Kate is doing well she keeps waking up at about 2-3 and laughing and playing and rolling around her crib, one of us goes in and reswaddles her and turns on her mobile and she will normally drift off back to sleep, fun times! Well at least Kate is having fun! Abbey now tells us good morning every morning and she says it very clear, it's darn cute! She knows that her names starts with "A" and she can say "A, B, C, D" then it goes to "H, K etc." She also loves for us to write her name or any other name that she tells us for that matter! We spell the name and she repeats the letters to us, fun game! Over all we are all doing really well!

My wrist cyst!
Look how green my eyes look and how blue Kate's look!
Concentrating on something
Trying to get the camera
Bright eyed and bushy tailed!
Fat cat
So grown up
Doing it herself
Almost on
So hot
Daddy had to help
Showing off her new shoes

Whoa the high heels got the best of her
Gotta love pink and orange shoes
So stylish

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