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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So sorry!

Oh my goodness it's been a long time since I posted, I am sorry! We have been busy bees for sure. Kate is now crawling and has two teeth! Abbey is talking up a storm and *almost* potty trained...except at Kallie's (daycare) she seems to want to go on the carpet. Not good! She took off her diaper a week and a half ago and kept telling us when she had to potty so we went with it. We then had to travel to IL for Shanes grandma's funeral and we had to use a diaper more that what we wanted but we did not want to clean up pee at the church or at someone's house so we put her in one, she kept it dry most of the time but then got a little confused I think when we took it off for good again. We are still putting her in one at night and naps, well that is when Shane or Kallie remembers to put a diaper on her during naps!! :) Kate is close to pulling up on things, I swear it won't be long before she is chasing Abbey. We did not get to go trick or treating due to our crazy travel schedule but Abbey did wear her costume to Kallie's house and we got some pictures. Kate is very bossy, if you put her in her high chair you better have food or puffs on her tray pronto or she is screaming at you! I have NO clue where she gets that from. We need to switch Abbey to a big girl bed but that may now wait until after Shane gets back from Vegas, we will see. During our overnight trip to IL Abbey slept in bed with me, NEVER again is all I can say. I do not enjoy having feet in my face or my stomach, not to mention that she kept popping up and crying because she did not know where she was- the 1st time I calmed her down but by the 5th time I was just knocking her down with my arm telling her to go to sleep! She only fell out of the bed one time but would you beleive that she fell on her feet in a standing postion? Her legs must have been hanging over the edge and then she just slipped to the floor! She did ok but I don't know how you all do it with kids in your bed! SO glad we never started that with either one! In other news I am going to be an aunt again, my sister Mona is pregnant! Congrats to them! I have started Weight Watchers again and hope to loose some more weight, my first goal is 21 lbs! Wish me luck. Work is going well for both Shane and I and we are sure keeping busy. Here are a few pics and I hope to be better about updating! Sorry.

The girls now do bath time together!
Splish splash

Such a funny face from KayKay here?
Abbey and her cousin Rachel in IL
Abbey in her Little Red Riding Hood costume!
And now with the Big Bad Wolf!
Abbey and Kate took a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Kallie and Gobby (Bobby is Kallie's husband but for some reason Abs calls him Gobby!)
Trying to wear my heels, Shane does this too but I have yet to get a pic
When Abbey and Daddy get a hold of the camera

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