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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not sure..

why I could not put photo captions in, it was all funky html code, and well I do NOT speak html! I finally got batteries for the camera so posts should be resuming now!

Abbey update- one she needs a haircut in the worst way...Grandma Ginger?? She now has imaginary sharks that swim under the table and around her chair during dinner time. She is having some behavior problems at daycare and I am hoping they are age related, with a little bit of the green eyed jealousy monster thrown in there I think!

Kate update- SO ready to walk, totally crusing everywhere and trying SO hard to stand up from a sitting position with no support. She now has 4 teeth two on top and two on bottom. She has two more trying to come down on top so everything goes in her mouth!

Shane and I update- still loving my job thank goodness! Shane is doing well, same old same old! I am getting ready to celebrate my birthday and we will be going to the Oceanaire for dinner and I am uber excited that place ROCKS, the oysters are as big as your hand and as raw as they get! I know it makes some of you squirm to even think of eating them but don't worry I will eat your share! Then the Zimmerman side always does an extravagant gift for your 30th and Shane and I are choosing to combine our gifts for next year and plan a crazy cool golf trip for just the two of us- don't worry we will also be getting a spa day in there too- after all the golf we play I will need it.

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