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Monday, January 11, 2010

Real Update!

Wow it has been a little while since I posted, sorry! Kate is almost 10 months old now! She went in for her 9 month check up and she weighed in at a mere 17 lbs but she jumped from the 25th percentile to the 50th! She was standing up, supported, and bouncing around like she always does and the doctor said that he thought she would be walking well before a year! Abbey was over a year old when she started walking. Kate is now all about table food some of her favorites are- chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, carrots, green beans, cottage cheese...oh wait basically anything you put in her mouth! She is cruising, with the help of her new toy she got for Christmas, she loves to stand up! She is saying "ma ma" and "da da", its pretty cute because Abbey says "I call you Mommy/Daddy, you call Daddy/Mommy Shane/Brook, and Kate calls you MaMa/DaDa" she really knows the difference!

Abbeys imagination has been working overtime, we have imaginary bears all over our house. I thought that they were cub sized bears, I found out I was so wrong. I went to the end of the hallway where the bears normally hang out and she wanted me to hug one of them so I picked up what I thought would be a bear cub and hugged him, put him back down and she went to give him a kiss and she literally had her nose about 1 inch from the carpet and corner of the hallway- apparently we have a new breed of bears that live in our house! She will sit at the table and look down the hallway and say "Mommy the bears are coming"!! It is so funny.

She also "entertained" a friend of ours this weekend, Tom was sitting on the couch visiting us and Abbey woke up, peeked out saw Tom and then went back in her bedroom to gather up all of her panties that she owned (that were clean!!) and carried them out in her arms and threw them down on the floor and proceeded to show Tom all of the characters on her panties...NO idea where she learned this! But it was so funny. Abbey is very dramatic so these last few weeks have just been so fun!

It is amazing to see the bond between Abbey and Kate grow stronger, Abbey loves her so much and every time Kate sees Abbey she lights up! I hope they always stay this close, I know there will be many days of fighting and bickering but I hope the bond between them stays strong!

After Thanksgiving Abbey had strep throat and the doctor treated both girls for it, then this past week KayKay had a double ear infection so we have not been all that healthy lately so say some prayers that we all get to feeling better! Oh and Kate is getting about 5 teeth in! Abbey is doing ok with the potty training, a few set backs but we are still going strong! She has moved successfully into a big girl bed and is excited to show anyone who comes to our house this bed! She has about 25 animals that sleep with her- literally no joke- and this weekend I went in her room and there was one lonely baby laying on her pillow and no blankets (she uses about 6) there were no other animals in sight...she had put them ALL under her bed then before naptime we had to put them all back on her bed- she is very particular...wonder where she gets that from.....

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year! En joy the pics!

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