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Sunday, February 28, 2010


The only place where she is not supposed to play...she is always getting into the diapers and wipes!!
I just thought this was so cute!
This chair has been in the family for 4 generations!
So cute!
Abbey was napping, that is why she is MIA in the photo shoot!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well the girls are doing well, Abbey finally kicked her fever Friday morning and she is still taking her antibiotics and Kate is pretty miserable with her 3rd and 4th tooth on the top coming in. I looked in her mouth and it seriously looks like little blisters on her gums and they NOT popped through! I swear she lives on Hylands teething tabs!! Oh well they make her happy, oh and motrin! Now Shane is sick, he has a fever, runny nose, and cough. I am next I know it. Anyway- typical Saturday around the Zimmerman household- cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning and lots of lounging!

This is the first dish I have made that I would call totally my own recipe since I did not use any recipe and it was fabulous. I just haven't named it yet. I am thinking Bacon Goodness or Oh my Bacon!
I don't know where our kids get the blue eyes but I'll take 'em!

I think I shall call her Kate Cullen...only a few of you will get that! :)

So I had to break out the bleach and sanitize all of the toys today!
There were lots to clean....
I think something puked toys on my table...see K in the background stuffing her face...the norm.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Abbey Update

Well some of you know that the last few days Abs has had a fever that won't quit, 99-102 and it would come down with meds then go back up. I took her to the doctor today and he ordered some chest X-rays and sure enough she has a small case of pneumonia- nothing that she needs to be hospitalized for and he is putting her on Omnicef (not sure if I spelled that or pneumonia right but you know what I mean!). Also when the doctor called back he asked if Abbey was complaining of stomach pain, which she was yesterday, because he saw a very large gas bubble in her colon and said that it was probably very very uncomfortable for her. We are to let the pneumonia antibiotic go for a few days then start her on Miralax, an over the counter stool softner, and see how she does. Poor kid has always had poop issues. On a brighter note she has been in big girl panties since last Friday and only had dribble accidents, way to go Abs!!!

Kate came home today from Kallies, actually got chauffered, with a nasty cough and a slight fever. The doc said that pneumonia is not really contagious but that if Kate has a rough night we are to bring her in tomorrow to get checked out. She is also getting about 3-4 teeth in so you never know what symptoms are related to that!

So needless to say please say lots of prayers for my babies they sure could use it. Abbey is asleep right now, coughing quite a bit but nonetheless sleeping. Kate is in her crib kicking around all 5 of her pacifiers that we have to leave in there because she gest ticked off and throws them out- if you leave 4-5 in there she has a better chance at getting all of her aggression out on the first 3!! Thanks for your prayers and I will try to update you all soon.

Love to everyone!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Abbey's Sick Day

So last night Abbey threw up, or as she says blew chunks, after dinner and had a bit of a fever and was up a few times last night going pee and still had a fever so I stayed home with the girls today. Abbey looked at me this morning and told me she wanted to stay in her jammies all day, which I was going to let her do anyway, but then she had to go potty and she stripped down and said she was going to go get new big girl panties and I let her get it all on her own and this is what she came out with, she only needed me to get her pants from the top shelf. She then came out and dressed herself...

Putting on her big girl panties
And now her pants
She likes to wear them really high, so here she is hiking them up!
I had to turn off the flash because she was getting mad at me for taking pictures before she was fully dressed, so I tricked her and just turned the flash off but that made for some blurry pics
Putting on her shirt
It was tricky because the shirt had a hood!
Giving me a funny look, also notice the belly tatoo!
Her hair was doing something funky
The compelte outfit!
And a view from the back, something many of us forget to do before walking out the door

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


She wanted Shane to do it like SHE was doing it!

Yeah so Abbey had a small accident at the last moment...she is ok no worries!

Monday, February 1, 2010

PlayDoh Uh-Oh

Action shot!
So pretty after her bath!
showing her belly!
Daddy and his girls
Her super 70's outfit
Playdoh ice cream maker!
Snake necklace that Daddy made her
Daddy made her "sharks" that swim under her chair at dinner time- she tells us that there are "sharks" under her chair and "bears" at the end of the hallway
This was Daddy's elephant after he tried to make it stand.