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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Abbey Update

Well some of you know that the last few days Abs has had a fever that won't quit, 99-102 and it would come down with meds then go back up. I took her to the doctor today and he ordered some chest X-rays and sure enough she has a small case of pneumonia- nothing that she needs to be hospitalized for and he is putting her on Omnicef (not sure if I spelled that or pneumonia right but you know what I mean!). Also when the doctor called back he asked if Abbey was complaining of stomach pain, which she was yesterday, because he saw a very large gas bubble in her colon and said that it was probably very very uncomfortable for her. We are to let the pneumonia antibiotic go for a few days then start her on Miralax, an over the counter stool softner, and see how she does. Poor kid has always had poop issues. On a brighter note she has been in big girl panties since last Friday and only had dribble accidents, way to go Abs!!!

Kate came home today from Kallies, actually got chauffered, with a nasty cough and a slight fever. The doc said that pneumonia is not really contagious but that if Kate has a rough night we are to bring her in tomorrow to get checked out. She is also getting about 3-4 teeth in so you never know what symptoms are related to that!

So needless to say please say lots of prayers for my babies they sure could use it. Abbey is asleep right now, coughing quite a bit but nonetheless sleeping. Kate is in her crib kicking around all 5 of her pacifiers that we have to leave in there because she gest ticked off and throws them out- if you leave 4-5 in there she has a better chance at getting all of her aggression out on the first 3!! Thanks for your prayers and I will try to update you all soon.

Love to everyone!

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