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Monday, February 15, 2010

Abbey's Sick Day

So last night Abbey threw up, or as she says blew chunks, after dinner and had a bit of a fever and was up a few times last night going pee and still had a fever so I stayed home with the girls today. Abbey looked at me this morning and told me she wanted to stay in her jammies all day, which I was going to let her do anyway, but then she had to go potty and she stripped down and said she was going to go get new big girl panties and I let her get it all on her own and this is what she came out with, she only needed me to get her pants from the top shelf. She then came out and dressed herself...

Putting on her big girl panties
And now her pants
She likes to wear them really high, so here she is hiking them up!
I had to turn off the flash because she was getting mad at me for taking pictures before she was fully dressed, so I tricked her and just turned the flash off but that made for some blurry pics
Putting on her shirt
It was tricky because the shirt had a hood!
Giving me a funny look, also notice the belly tatoo!
Her hair was doing something funky
The compelte outfit!
And a view from the back, something many of us forget to do before walking out the door

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