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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well the girls are doing well, Abbey finally kicked her fever Friday morning and she is still taking her antibiotics and Kate is pretty miserable with her 3rd and 4th tooth on the top coming in. I looked in her mouth and it seriously looks like little blisters on her gums and they NOT popped through! I swear she lives on Hylands teething tabs!! Oh well they make her happy, oh and motrin! Now Shane is sick, he has a fever, runny nose, and cough. I am next I know it. Anyway- typical Saturday around the Zimmerman household- cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning and lots of lounging!

This is the first dish I have made that I would call totally my own recipe since I did not use any recipe and it was fabulous. I just haven't named it yet. I am thinking Bacon Goodness or Oh my Bacon!
I don't know where our kids get the blue eyes but I'll take 'em!

I think I shall call her Kate Cullen...only a few of you will get that! :)

So I had to break out the bleach and sanitize all of the toys today!
There were lots to clean....
I think something puked toys on my table...see K in the background stuffing her face...the norm.

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