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Sunday, March 14, 2010


So Abbey has been full of funny things here are a few I can remember:

She built a scene out of her breakfast dishes and items on the table- her plate was the house, the toast was the fence, and the chapstick was the fence post and she was breaking down the gate to get to her friends.

She has been calling everyone "insert name here"gail-jane- example Mommy-gail-jane! Its pretty funny!

Kate has been babbling like mad, especially to Abbey! She has been walking about 3-5 steps too. So here are some pics from the last few weeks!

Daddy reading to his girls

Sweet smile
More reading
So we moved Kates bed and found all of these...she is saving them up for a rainy day I guess!
Pretty much what her Dad looks like on the course too
Daddy kisses!
Inspecting the balloon.
This was taking a lot of concentration
Getting mad at the diapers
So sweet, and getting so big
I fancied up my laptop!
Penguin is also potty training
Abbeys new big girl car seats
One of Abbeys boyfriends, Brady
They kissed too!

1 comment:

Fox Family said...

AWE!! Abbey has a boyfriend!! Too cute! Are the new carseats booster seats with backs?? Or are they actual buckle you in fifty times kinda carseats? Just curious as to what the law is in IN for that sorta thing. Guess I should do a little research!