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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Picture Overload!

Wow its been a while since I have posted!  Last time I told you all that we were pulling Kate's pacifier cold turkey and we have been successful!  I hear from Kallie that she steals one from a little boy at daycare but other than that we are pacifier free!  Poor little Kate is getting some of her back teeth in and she is NOT happy about it!  Abbey is as funny as ever- one of her new talents is telling jokes for example "Knock Knock" Shane says "Who's there" Abbey says "Abigail Jane who just peed in the potty" or "Abigail Jane who just put on all of her clothes" basically what ever she has just accomplished!  So funny.  I have also picked up a new hobby- digital scrapbooking so I am sharing some of those with you as well.

A special picture of me and my sisters!
Can you guess who is who- I am in the middle, Kate is on the left and Abs is on the right
Again who is who?  Kate is on the left Abs on the right.
Abbey is on the top Kate is on the bottom
This was Kate instead of color Easter eggs she needed to eat one!
Dani and TJ were very helpful
On and egg mission
Mommy and her girls
Kate knew exactly what to do!
Abbey collected 2 baskets full of eggs
Our beautiful angels
Such a great picture of Kate
Grandma Ginger and KayKay
Grandpa Bryan and Kate

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