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Friday, April 2, 2010

Pulling the plug!

Well this weekend, since we had an extra day, we decided it was time to take the pacifier away from Kate!  I have never been a fan of pacifiers but as a parent you know that they are sometimes the only thing that can calm a baby and your nerves!  We decided to do it this weekend because we love our daycare provider and wanted to try to make it easier on her by having this extra day with her at home, love you Kallie!!! 

So today Kate woke up, I popped the pacifier out handed her some milk went in and took a shower and she hasn't had it yet today, it is now going on 2 in the afternoon and she woke up at 7:30 this morning.  Now from what I remember with Abbey the nights are the worst- waking more, more crying jags and restless.  So we will see what the night brings.  We did take a long walk in the wagon this morning, which the girls LOVE.  This afternoon when the girls wake up we are going over to Aunt Kristy's to color eggs with Dani and TJ.

Well wish us luck on this adventure of parenthood- we did it cold turkey with Abbey so that is how we are starting out with Kate too- with the understanding that they are different in some ways but yet very very similar too!  I will update you soon. 

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