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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Abbey Funnies

So driving home today Abbey told me who was a good driver and who was a bad driver- here is what I remember

Mommy- bad driver, runs into trees
Daddy- good driver
Aunt Beth- bad driver, runs into trees
Uncle Frank- bad driver, runs into things
Megan- bad driver
Rachel- bad driver
Grandma Maureeen- bad driver, runs into trees
Grandpa Vern- bad driver, runs into houses
Grandma Betty- bad driver
Grandpa Harry- bad driver, runs into cars (little did she know he gave driving lessons!!)
and drumroll please....the best driver was Uncle Sherry....yes you heard it right Uncle Sherry and she knew she was being silly because she laughed every time she said it.

Then tonight I was blowing raspberries on her belly and then Kate would and I said "phew, I am out of breath" and she laughed and said "do it again Mommy" so I grabbed her leg and blew on on her calf and then again said "phew" and she looked at me and said "Mommy are you out of batteries?" she is too funny.

Kate is communicating more and more with us- she was in bed with us on Sunday morning before we were getting ready for church and Kate said "moh, moh" and gave us the sign for more- Kallie taught her the sign for more and let me tell you she knows it! Good times here for sure! Stay tuned for pictures from Abbey's first birthday party this weekend!

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