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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Build a Bear

Today we took the girls to Build a Bear (which Abbey calls Build a Teddy Bear) and then took them to the food court to eat chicfila and get cookies at Blondies. They were so good and had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl. She is 3!! Here are two funnies for you from the birthday girl- Shane opens up the computer for her to play games and she says "Daddy are we going to text on Facebook" NO clue where she learned that one! Then the cat has been having mad hairballs and it makes a noise like he is dying- I call it yowling. Abbey looks up and says "Daddy is that me throwing a fit?!" So funny.

Abbey chose a chocolate cookie with chocolate frosting, mmmmmm
She also got a card in the mail from her friend Reece!
Kate got a snickerdoodle, and ate darn near the whole thing!
This is Kate's bear that Abbey named Froggy for her! She did not let go of him the entire time she ate dinner
Abbey chose a Sleeping Beauty outfit, and gave her rabbit her birthday sticker
This was her rock star outfit
She was very excited!
So was Kate
Mommy and her girls
Pretty sure Abbey wanted to wear her hat because Daddy was, but at the house she told me she needed to wear it to keep the sun out of her eyes

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