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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Night time prayers

So I have started a new night time routine with the girls- we go in Kates room and we say prayers I hold Kate and Abbey sits on the the glider footstool and we basically go through all of the things we are thankful for and for God to watch over our family and keep us close. Well we were going over all of our relatives we were thankful for and it was Abbey's turn and she said "Thank you Jesus for Santa Claus!" then launched into being thankful for each and every Disney princess she could think of! Tonight she was also thankful for her room and for Kate's room. Kate is very very sweet during this time- she crawls in my lap and lays her head down on my chest and lets me hold her like a baby (wow tearing up as I write this knowing that she very well could be my last baby!) and she just listens to Abbey and I say prayers to her. It is truly the best part of my day- it is also awesome to see Abbey's knowledge and understanding of God grow and develop so quickly. At the end of our prayers we also hug and kiss Kate and tell her sweet dreams and I added tonight to not let the bed bugs bite- Abbey looked at me and her eyes were full of doubt and she said "bugs can't bite us in our house" and that they were outside in their own houses! Oh I love to see how her mind works! Also here are a few pictures from tonight- it was a Mommy and the girls night because Shane was golfing- how can he golf in this heat I will never know! I golf during the months of March-May and September until it gets too cold!

I hear from the other room "I am sitting in my big girl chair Mommy" not so smart on Abbey's part to tell on herself as my Mom pointed out!

Abbey's very first french braid!

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