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Friday, September 17, 2010

Please Help me raise some money for babies!!

Please help me raise money for Life Centers! I am walking in their 5 k walk on the 26th and need to raise some money! Here is the link where you can pledge online. and here is the link to Life Centers if you would like to know a little more about them

And here is a quick overview:

Helping women in unexpected pregnancy situations is a special way of sharing Christ's compassion, love, and hope. Life Centers affirms the value of life in this way by providing a network of care that includes counseling, healing support, and resources that explain the truth about life.

Thank you to those who have already donated!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Say what?!

For those who don't know let me start at the beginning...

Middle of this week Kate had what looked like a pimple on her bottom well by Friday she was running a mild fever and totally not sitting down at all and clearly uncomfortable. We get home take a look at it....oh no must hear this part. Just know that Dr. Shane is now booked solid for about 2 months after word got out about his mad medical skills.

Rewind to Thursday night at bath time for the girls. I am cleaning up after dinner and loading the dishwasher and Shane and the little women are in the bathroom playing around in the tub (Shane isn't actually in the tub only supervising!) typical bath night routine. I finish up in the kitchen and go into the bathroom and smell mouthwash. I immediately think that Shane let Abbey use mouthwash and ask him why I smelled it- oh no I was dead wrong. Pause here and just take a mental assessment of things you think he might have done with it. I will wait.

I bet none of you guessed that he put it on Kate's butt did you? I am not lying he put it right on her little wound- but not until after he had squeezed it to try to get the puss to come out!!! I could not believe my ears. She had not cried or screamed at all about it. So I had to ask exactly why he did this and he tells me that is what he does to his face when he gets a zit. Logical.

So now back to Friday night- I post what is going on with Kate's rear end on Facebook and get multiple replies (thank you by the way if you commented!) that I needed to watch it because it could be MRSA- errrr hold up- WHAT?! MRSA is what ill people in the hospital get right- like the stuff that can turn into flesh eating bacteria that is medicine resistant? So I freak out and start webmding MRSA like no other. Come to find out it rarely turns into the flesh eating deadly kind and that it is more common than one would assume. Actually 30% of the population currently have MRSA and show no outward signs- kind of like carriers you know? So we call ask a nurse- don't know why we do that but we do instead of just calling the on call doctor from the pediatricians office because we always end up calling the on call doctor after ask a nurse. But anyway- the on call doctor informed us that there were indeed Saturday hours at our practice and we should probably call in the morning and see if Dr. G wanted to see her. We did wake Kate up at about 11 last night to take her temp and look at her bum- all I will say is that she was thoroughly confused but thankfully went right back to sleep! It looked actually better than what it did, I am going to admit it was probably because of the mouthwash, and she was not running a fever so we left her until the morning.

Shane was up at 6 to play golf so Iwas able to sleep in until about 9 and then Abbey went to the bathroom and woke me up. Kate was also awake so I went in to see what her backside looked like and it was still red, raised and super hard. I call at 9:20 they say they can see us at 9:45 so I say we'll be there. Oh did I mention that I got up at 9, no one had any breakfast yet no one had any clothes on and we had to leave pronto! I threw and English muffin in the toaster, put a shot of poop medicine in Abbey's milk, poured Kate's milk and prayed that I did not get them mixed up and handed them out. I might add that all of last night's dinner dishes were still in the sink because I was a tad bit lazy last night and did not unload the dishwasher therefore I simply piled dishes in the sink all of this means that there was NO time to make coffee or stop to get a fix- I was in trouble. Abbey then informs me that she wants cream (cheese) on her "bagel" so I had to find it in the fridge and then slap some on and hope that she could eat it on the run and not get it in her bangs that now hang down almost to her mouth! I run around basically like a chicken with its head cut off trying to make sure the kids were dressed and I was dressed and actually wearing a bra and get out the door by 9:30- yeah you read that right I did all of that AND had two minutes to spare after the girls were in their carseats! Oh but wait I had not showered yet (I did get to brush my teeth) nor had I put on deodorant all I could do was throw my out of control hair in a barrette and hope to not look like Medusa. Not sure I quite accomplished that but hey we were in the car and on the road at 9:29 not too shabby if I do say so myself.

We get to the office and I have to hold Kate in my lap while the doctor looks at her boil - excuse me I just barfed a little in my mouth after I wrote that. Boil makes me blow chunks, it is totally gross. You want to know what it makes me think of- a very sick person with oozing sores all over them from like the olden days in bed with strips of gauze hanging from every inch of their body- that was why I just yakked in my mouth. Back to the office visit- I was holding Kate while Dr. G poked and prodded and squeezed her little booty. She was NOT a happy camper- he then gets up gets a warm compress and says that he is going to insert a needle and get some "stuff" to come out and do a culture to send to the lab. Yikes- I have to watch him stick a needle into her butt, I think I could pass out. Oh did I mention Abbey is sitting right beside me the whole time silently eating raisins, because she is. The doctor comes back in Kate and I assume position and in goes the needle- I suffered a kick to the head and basically had to break out some old school WWF moves to ensure that her legs were pinned back and she had no way of getting her hands down there to touch her open sore. It was a feat. I did it, oh and Abbey is still shoveling in her raisins. All is said and done and Kate is laying her head on my shoulder with her rump stuck out in air because she wants to make sure nothing is touching it but still wants to be cuddled!

I looked at Abbey and told her that she did a very good job and that it really helped me that she was so good. I might add that as soon as she knew we were going to the doctor she grabbed Kate's hand and said "Kate we are taking you to the doctor, you are going to get a shot, and it will hurt. But it will be ok, shots are good for us they help us to not get sick" oh it was so sweet!! She really does listen to what I tell her! That is one of my favorite parts of being a mom to them watching their relationship grow it just warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes. Also the doctor said I did a very good job too :)

So I then have to take this culture to the hospital, I could have had it courried over to the hospital but Dr. G said I would be quicker so off we go. Kate did NOT want to sit in the car seat but really had no choice, I wasn't going to let her be a hood ornament. We get there and go to check in and I have the "sample" which is a qtip with blood on it in a sealed cylinder in a bag in my hand- a toddler in the other hand, my purse and diaper bag in hand and pushing a stroller all at the same time. So what do I do once I get to the lab- I place the sample on the desk- totally the wrong thing to do- from the lady's reaction behind the counter you would have thought I seriously just shook a stool sample out of Kate's diaper and said here I need to get this examined. By the time I was finished dealing with Mrs. Frowny Face I was ready to punch her lights out and I really am not a violent person. We finally get checked in and I get called to the lab- Abbey has now insisted in riding in the stroller so I had to carry Kate, all my stuff and my "sample" careful to not let it touch anything besides my hand. I get to the hallway and the nurse just takes my sample and says thank you. Now let me explain that I was a whole 2 feet away from her this whole time she sees me struggling to get all my stuff together and never once says "here sweetheart all I need is the sample" no I assume it was amusing to her to see me break a sweat to take 4 steps. Note- in 15 minutes I have wanted to punch the lights out of two nurses- this is what no coffee in the morning does to me.

We get back into the car after riding double in the stroller (Abbey held Kate) I am sure it was quite safe but I dared anyone to even glance my way with a "what a horrible mother" look. Again, I would have punched their lights out. So we load up and go to Meijer fill the antibiotics that Kate has to be on, which were free I might add (love you Meijer) and then head to McDonalds- by this time it is almost noon and I have to settle for a diet coke because I just can't bring myself to stomach coffee and a cheeseburger but I really wanted a cheeseburger. The line is about 10 deep and Abbey wants to know when she is going to get a chicken nugget. Oh I had also asked her if she wanted a happy meal while at the hospital and she told me she wanted peanut butter and jelly. NO the whole point of Mc'ds is that I do not have to cook or make anything! What kind of kid wants a pb&j over a stinking happy meal- I should be happy right?!

Finally we get our stuff and make it home- Kate ate about 20 french fries and was out- she just got up and it is 3:30. She is now cuddling with Daddy watching the Notre Dame game drinking some pedialyte.

Doc said we should be fine, just to watch for other "boils" and to be sure to bleach the tub and not share towels with the girls! :) So we are watching her and giving her some TLC!

Thank you to all who were concerned and let me know about MRSA without you I would have never even thought of it!

She is currently running a fever but she is getting the tylenol/motrin combo in hopes of keeping it down and getting something in her system. Please pray for her and that she heals quickly. Love to you all.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was busy for us already and we still have one day left! On Saturday I finally got my car washed and cleaned on the inside- it had probably been over a year and with two little princesses that ride back there you can only imagine what it looked like! Nice and clean now- I might add that I had the vacuum out and ready to do it myself when Shane looked at me and said "You know you could just go to Rama" and I gladly did- we also had a half off coupon so I got it all for $11, so worth it! I took Kate with me and she enjoyed looking at the cars go through the automatic wash and climbing up and down the in the lobby on the chairs. Then we came home and Shane watched Shane clean the garage, see the pics below I really really should have taken before and after pics it was a terrible mess! So now my goal is to start using the stuff you see in the pics, we will see. I am horrible at follow through when it comes to working out! Then we went to church and worked in the nursery for the second service- I worked the registration desk and Shane worked in Kate's room and he was able to bring Abbey down and they were all in one room. It worked out really well, it was a little short staffed so I went into the crawlers room and helped out. We will be working every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month. We were also able to let the girls ride their bikes and went for a walk in the wagon both Saturday and Sunday. We were outside a lot and we really enjoyed the beautiful weather. Tomorrow Shane gets to golf and I think the girls and I are going to go shoe shopping for Abbey. Here are a few pics from the weekend festivities!

Daddy teaching Abbey how to ride
She is getting the hang of it now
Kate got to ride the inch worm, she needs about 5 pounds more on her to make it really go
View one of the newly cleaned garage!
View 2 of the home gym
View 3- we turned the fridge so now Abbey can go get beverages- Shane tested her tonight with a Diet Coke and sure enough she brought one back in!

Kate loves sidewalk chalk
Abbey can put together a 48 piece puzzle- we have not tried the 65 piece one yet!