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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was busy for us already and we still have one day left! On Saturday I finally got my car washed and cleaned on the inside- it had probably been over a year and with two little princesses that ride back there you can only imagine what it looked like! Nice and clean now- I might add that I had the vacuum out and ready to do it myself when Shane looked at me and said "You know you could just go to Rama" and I gladly did- we also had a half off coupon so I got it all for $11, so worth it! I took Kate with me and she enjoyed looking at the cars go through the automatic wash and climbing up and down the in the lobby on the chairs. Then we came home and Shane watched Shane clean the garage, see the pics below I really really should have taken before and after pics it was a terrible mess! So now my goal is to start using the stuff you see in the pics, we will see. I am horrible at follow through when it comes to working out! Then we went to church and worked in the nursery for the second service- I worked the registration desk and Shane worked in Kate's room and he was able to bring Abbey down and they were all in one room. It worked out really well, it was a little short staffed so I went into the crawlers room and helped out. We will be working every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month. We were also able to let the girls ride their bikes and went for a walk in the wagon both Saturday and Sunday. We were outside a lot and we really enjoyed the beautiful weather. Tomorrow Shane gets to golf and I think the girls and I are going to go shoe shopping for Abbey. Here are a few pics from the weekend festivities!

Daddy teaching Abbey how to ride
She is getting the hang of it now
Kate got to ride the inch worm, she needs about 5 pounds more on her to make it really go
View one of the newly cleaned garage!
View 2 of the home gym
View 3- we turned the fridge so now Abbey can go get beverages- Shane tested her tonight with a Diet Coke and sure enough she brought one back in!

Kate loves sidewalk chalk
Abbey can put together a 48 piece puzzle- we have not tried the 65 piece one yet!

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