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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This weekend was lots of fun! We carved and painted pumpkins, went to church and worked in the nursery (or helped with the babies as Abbey says) and then came home and napped and got dressed up and made the rounds for Halloween. We met up with a few couples from our Couples Bible Study and walked around their neighborhood- the girls cleaned house for sure! At one point Abs looked at Shane and said "Daddy my legs just won't go anymore" she wasn't tired though! Stay tuned I am stealing an idea from a blogger friend of mine and I plan to post once a day for the month of November about things I am thankful for- I will try to remember to ask Abbey what she is thanful for too- probably Max and Ruby, Sherry and her Dodee- not sure about those last two she just added them in our dinner prayers this past week. Sherry you should feel honored! :) Enjoy the pictures!

Abbey painted the one on the right and Kate did the one on the left!
This is the pumpkin that Shane carved in preparation for our trip in less than 2 weeks!

This is what I had to settle with
Because my witch lost her feet and broom, oh well
This was Rachels super cool cat
Kate all bundled up hitching a ride in the wagon!
Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Zimmerman
She even got makeup applied!
I decided to be a cat!
Kate being the princess that she is!
Two Disney princesses!
Kate looked so cute in this hat
The gang
This house was SO cool!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nice, Thanks Kate

Abbey was trying to put on make up
She is too cute
This is how I found Kate one morning this week, I knew at about 10 pm she had taken off the top part of her pj's and I thought I would gamble it and see if she would leave her diaper on....I then knew at 4 am she had taken off her diaper but she was not awake or crying so I let her be! She had a little pee in her bed but luckily no poop!! She also seemed very proud of herself when I walked in! Silly girl.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Calling the Doctor

Tonight when I came home I said I was not feeling well and that my throat hurt- Abbey asked me if I thought I would need to go to the doctor and I said maybe. A few minutes later I see Abbey on her play phone talking and I ask her who she is talking to and she says "the doctor" it went a little something like this....
yes doctor, my mommy is not feeling well can you see her?
i asked her to see what day he could see me and she said saturday
i asked how much it would cost and she said all of my money
i asked her what time and she said forty eight

So glad she was able to get an appointment for me!

Sunday we went to church and then worked in the nursery for the second service- I work the desk and Abbey and Shane work in Kate's room. Then we met up with Great Grandpa and Grandma Stewart and Grandpa Bryan and Grandma Ginger at Jonathan Byrds and I am happy to report that both girls behaved very well and ate a lot of lunch! We then ventured down to a very nice park in Greenwood, University Park. The girls ran around while we chased after them.
Abbey loves swinging
Kate hung out with Great Grandma Stewart for a little while

Hanging out on the merry go round
Abbey went all the way to the top
Everyone was enjoying the swings!
This is my favorite picture of Abbey so far
Horsey rides!
So happy!
I think Shane did something that Kate did not like, look at her face!!??
They sure do love their Daddy!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A day at the park

Abbey let me put hot rollers in her hair! See picture below
This was her "coconut"

This was about 10 min after buckling them in- I hate blogger and how it arranges pictures and not being able to move them- these should be at the end but I am not messing with it!
Crashed out!
Our couples Bible study group met up and had a cookout at Southeastway Park- it was the nicest day we have had this year!
She made me so nervous but kept telling me to stop watching her she was a 3 year old!
It's a faceoff
She loved the playground!
So did Abs
So very pretty
This slide was a big hit
Kate is such a big girl now!
This was the day she got 3 shots, pretty good mood huh?

Curlers! Kate was telling me she wanted some too!
Horsey rides

Stamping with Mommy