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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A day at the park

Abbey let me put hot rollers in her hair! See picture below
This was her "coconut"

This was about 10 min after buckling them in- I hate blogger and how it arranges pictures and not being able to move them- these should be at the end but I am not messing with it!
Crashed out!
Our couples Bible study group met up and had a cookout at Southeastway Park- it was the nicest day we have had this year!
She made me so nervous but kept telling me to stop watching her she was a 3 year old!
It's a faceoff
She loved the playground!
So did Abs
So very pretty
This slide was a big hit
Kate is such a big girl now!
This was the day she got 3 shots, pretty good mood huh?

Curlers! Kate was telling me she wanted some too!
Horsey rides

Stamping with Mommy

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