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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 30

I am thankful that I stuck with this challenge for 30 days! I hope that I continue to post regularly!

I am also thankful that we teach Abbey and Kate funny stuff- for instance this weekend we taught Abbey "ice ice baby, too cold". One night Abbey was at the dinner table about to eat her dinner and she randomly sang "hot pockets". Kate does not just give you dogs (fist bumps) she blows it up! Tonight I taught Abbey to tell Shane "you can't handle the truth" when Shane was asking her if she was telling the truth or fibbing, it was hilarious. Before I had kids I used to give other people kids a really hard time, now I have some of my own and it is glorious. :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29

I am thankful that for the most part my tolerance level is pretty high.

Here are some examples-

When Abbey cries about being cold for over 30 minutes because we took away 3 of her 7 blankets.
In busy times at work I seem to focus more and thrive on getting tasks done rather than stressing out.
Traffic- I can deal with a traffic jam my husband almost looses his mind.
At the doctors office when some parents are almost cussing out the poor women who work the front desk. By the way if my sister in law Jenny reads this please know this is NOT directed at you for losing your cool at your doctor's office- everyone knows meat should be ordered at home :)

NOW that being said I have on more than one occasion lost my temper when Abbey was throwing a fit sure.
I have vented to a coworker more than I should have or fed into a conversation that was not appropriate, sure.
I have called other drivers every name in the book- probably more often than not when they want to switch lanes but won't use their turn signal to let me know rather they just cut me off. I am a nice person if I see your blinker I will normally let you in, if the car in front of me has not just cut me off, but you cut me off and I will be right up on your bumper speaking with my hands a lot. Not throwing up the bird just in general throwin up my hands asking if you are indeed the stupidest on the road.
I have also possibly given the woman behind the counter the look of death when she told me I could not place Kate's MRSA culture on the counter that was sealed in a test tube, in a plastic bag inside a brown paper bag.
But what I will say that for each of those instances it took a lot to get to me.

In general I have a lot of patience, and for that I am thankful.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 28

I am thankful for yet another family Thanksgiving dinner! We went to church this morning and then we drove down to my hometown of North Vernon to see my Grandma and Grandpa Stewart and then to see my Dad and Ginger! We had deep fried turkey and it was delicious!
Front of my Dad's house
Admiring baby Jesus
Looking at the reindeer
Side of the house
And the back- my Dad did a great job and wanted to let the girls see the lights before we left- they loved them!

Day 27

I am thankful that we could gather with the Gootee (my Mom's side) clan. All of my Mom's siblings were able to be there and all of my immediate family. It was nice. We met at my Mom and Dad's church and had a soup fest! There was a lot of good food and lots of kids running around and playing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 26

Today I am thankful we put up our Christmas Tree!! The girls loved it and I caved and let them use colored lights and crazy ornaments, they are still cute. If we move and have a bigger house we will have 2 trees and one will be a colored light tree and one will be all white lights and my pick of ornaments! Until then Shane and the kids win!

Quick Abbey story- This morning she as singing her "Ariel" song and she came in the kitchen with a scrap of paper she had scribbled on and said Mommy I have a message for you!! It says "if you throw fits, God help us". Now here is the story behind that- each night we pray and ask Jesus to be with Abbey and help her to be a good girl and help her to not throw fits and to help Mommy and Daddy to be good parents- so I guess at least she is listening, and yes when she throws fits- God help all of us!!

Kate and I on Thanksgiving
The manger that my father in law made
The tree
Tree and mantle
I could not get Kate to look, oh well
Abbey helping put the tree together
She was hiding behind the top of the tree
Trying to say cheese!
I told them not to touch this stuff...then I showed Abbey the mouse and she looked right at me and said "no touching Mommy"- thank you Abbey, I should have known!

Kate Jammin

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 25

I am thankful for the Zimmerman Thanksgiving gathering we went to today. I am so lucky to have awesome inlaws! I know many who do not or do not appreciate them, I do each and every one of them!

Abbey and Kate had a blast playing upstairs like big girls with their cousins. Normally Kate has to stay downstairs but she was allowed to venture upstairs with the big kids because her cousin Dani does a great job watching her. She was utterly exhausted and fell fast asleep on the way home. Playing with the big kids tuckers her out!

I am also thankful that we get to travel to North Vernon this weekend to have even more family celebrations!

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 24

I am thankful for a short work week! We came back from vacation and then only had to work 3 days. Yay. Can't wait for the next few days and seeing family! Oh and eating yummy food.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 23

I am thankful for the fact that that our girls are only nineteen months apart. Most days are good, sure we have some off or stressful days but in the big picture I love seeing their bond grow and develop. I pray that they will always stay close and have a lifelong best friend in each other.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 22

I am thankful for magazines! I love magazines. I read them all of the time. Here are a few that I always buy or have a subscription to-

Food Network Magazine- this is my all time favorite
Everyday with Rachael Ray
Redbook (they recently revamped the design/content and it is way good!!)
Weight Watchers
Disney Magazine- I recently discovered this one and it is fantastic!

Those are the ones I make sure I buy all of the time

Some others that I enjoy
Cooking Light
Better Homes and Garden
Woman's Day
Creating Keepsakes
Scrapbooks Etc
Paper Crafts

What magazines do you read?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 21

Today I am thankful that we decided to start volunteering at the church nursery. We have used it so much the last 3 years and we have finally started repaying them by helping out!! It has been fun and nice getting to know people in the church and their children. Abbey gets very excited to "help" with the babies. Shane works in the room where Kate is and Abbey is able to come in and "help" after she goes to her class while we are in church. It feels good to help!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 20

I am thankful to be HOME!!! I can't wait to sleep in my own bed. This is funny, last night we stayed at what I thought was going to be a crappy hotel and it turned out to be super nice and it had the best bed we had slept in all week! It made us happy!

Day 19

I am thankful for being blessed with such great friends! Some I have known since kindergarten and some only within the last year, some are even family! Some I see daily and some I am lucky to see maybe once a year. Thank you all for being such good friends!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18

I am thankful that I have been able to enjoy so much quality time with my girls this week, much of it was spent just being lazy at the villa but that was fine by me!! We had fun playing together and going places, just the 3 of us. They have been so good and really a joy to be around this week. I love them!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's almost that time of year

It is almost time to start Christmas shopping so I have created Abbey and Kate's wish lists on the blog for those who are buying gifts! Grandma's have requested this so here you go!

Also a few things for your entertainment-

Abbey got a lanyard with a flashing button at Shanes trade show and she called it her necklace- she has a nightstand in her room where she has been putting it and she calles it her jewelry box. She asks all of us here if we want to come see her jewelry box.

Shane works with a man named Eric who has been sharing the villa with us and Abbey refers to him as Prince Eric. Abbey and Kate both got Ariel dolls from Disney and they have a purple bikini top on- well today as we were dropping of Shane and Eric at the convention center Abbey was talking about all the things Prince Eric likes about Ariel- she said first her red hair, and then she said Prince Eric also likes Ariel's purple boobies!! Wow, she is something else.

She has also been saying two new phrases, probably thanks to me- first she when we tell her something she says "are you kidding me?" for instance today I told her to eat her sandwich and she looked at me and said "are you kidding me?" No Abbey I am not kidding eat your sandwich.

She also says "you are making me nervous" for example last night we had to go pick up Prince Eric and I wanted her and Kate to wear a light jacket so Abs was helping Kate with her jacket and Kate was acting like a mad bird flapping her arms about and Abbey looked at me and said "mommy you are going to have to help Kate with her jacket she is making me nervous". She is so darn funny!

Kate has really changed on this trip, she looks older to me. Its funny, when it is bed time and both Shane and I put them down they throw major fits but the last two nights it has just been me and there have been no requests for bandaids, no drinks, no tears and nothing hurting- just stories, prayers and bedtime. Crazy. Since we have gotten to the villa the girls have been sharing a room at night which has gotten me thinking that I kind of like this and may be moving then to the same room when we get home so that we can have a guest room/office/toy toom. I think that maybe bunk beds would be good and moving Kate to a big girl bed with Abbey in the room may work. Thoughts?

Well it is now nap time in the villa, sweet dreams. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 16

Today I am thankful that I have a job to take a vacation from! I really do like my place of employment, actually there are many things I like about it...

I love the fact that I finally work downtown
I have made some really good friends among my co-workers
I enjoy the problem solving aspect of my job when it arises
I love the fact that there is so much room for growth and improvement
I love the fact that my management team is very supportive
I love the fact that we have processes and procedures and stick to them, mostly!
I love the fact that our company (OneAmerica) really demonstrates that they care about the employees- we have many learning opportunities and improvement classes that not only apply to work but they can also be applied to everyday life

I am thankful to be employed.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15

Today I am thankful for a family trip to the beach! We went over to the Atlantic side to Cocoa Beach. It was fun to see the girls play in the sand and Abbey run around in the water. It was a little too chilly for Kate, the water would rush up around her legs and she would cry! Abbey, on the other hand, loved it. The water really was not too bad once you were in for a few minutes, that first shock was pretty cold though! We had lunch on the beach and then went down and played in the water and in the sand. It wore them out for sure!

Abbey running around on the beach
Daddy and his girls
She loved playing in the waves
Abbey and I at lunch

Getting water for the sand castles
Kate preferred the sand
Such a big girl
No more high chairs!
Daddy and KayKay
So worn out!
Crashed in about 5 minutes of being in the truck!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14

Today I am thankful for our trip to Disney! We had a blast and the girls were so good! Not one meltdown, the only thing I wish we could have done was see the whole 3D movie, it was a little scary for Abbey and she said she had to go potty so we got up and shortly afterwards Shane and Kate came out. It was super cool, Donald Duck brought out an apple pie during the movie and they piped in the scent of apple pie! I guess it all went south with Kate when he spilt a mop bucket and water sprayed the crowd- she did not have on 3D glasses so I am sure she would have totally flipped her lid! Even better is that we got out of the park with snacks, dinner, and stuffed animals for under $100, not too shabby (we brought lunch in). Enjoy the pictures!

The entrance to Disney World!
Cinderellas castle
Tea at Minnies house
The girls in Minnies house
On the boat to get to Disney
Kate snoozed for maybe 30 minutes!?
Mmmmmm ice cream
So happy!
Spicy buffalo doritos for lunch
Minnies house
3D glasses
Finishing her ice cream
Loving the ice cream
Kate loved it too!
More please
On the Dumbo ride
Dumbo ride
On the dumbo ride still
Abbey and her 3D glasses
The castle again
With Belle- she fell into Cinderellas arms the moment she saw her, it was too cute
In the candy shop
The sweets! Mmmmm I got a cupcake and I can't wait to eat it!
The castle all lit up, it was so pretty
Daddy and his princesses!
Again all lit up
On the magic carpet ride
I love my girls!!