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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14

Today I am thankful for our trip to Disney! We had a blast and the girls were so good! Not one meltdown, the only thing I wish we could have done was see the whole 3D movie, it was a little scary for Abbey and she said she had to go potty so we got up and shortly afterwards Shane and Kate came out. It was super cool, Donald Duck brought out an apple pie during the movie and they piped in the scent of apple pie! I guess it all went south with Kate when he spilt a mop bucket and water sprayed the crowd- she did not have on 3D glasses so I am sure she would have totally flipped her lid! Even better is that we got out of the park with snacks, dinner, and stuffed animals for under $100, not too shabby (we brought lunch in). Enjoy the pictures!

The entrance to Disney World!
Cinderellas castle
Tea at Minnies house
The girls in Minnies house
On the boat to get to Disney
Kate snoozed for maybe 30 minutes!?
Mmmmmm ice cream
So happy!
Spicy buffalo doritos for lunch
Minnies house
3D glasses
Finishing her ice cream
Loving the ice cream
Kate loved it too!
More please
On the Dumbo ride
Dumbo ride
On the dumbo ride still
Abbey and her 3D glasses
The castle again
With Belle- she fell into Cinderellas arms the moment she saw her, it was too cute
In the candy shop
The sweets! Mmmmm I got a cupcake and I can't wait to eat it!
The castle all lit up, it was so pretty
Daddy and his princesses!
Again all lit up
On the magic carpet ride
I love my girls!!

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