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Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15

Today I am thankful for a family trip to the beach! We went over to the Atlantic side to Cocoa Beach. It was fun to see the girls play in the sand and Abbey run around in the water. It was a little too chilly for Kate, the water would rush up around her legs and she would cry! Abbey, on the other hand, loved it. The water really was not too bad once you were in for a few minutes, that first shock was pretty cold though! We had lunch on the beach and then went down and played in the water and in the sand. It wore them out for sure!

Abbey running around on the beach
Daddy and his girls
She loved playing in the waves
Abbey and I at lunch

Getting water for the sand castles
Kate preferred the sand
Such a big girl
No more high chairs!
Daddy and KayKay
So worn out!
Crashed in about 5 minutes of being in the truck!

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