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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2

I thought I would post about the 2nd most important thing to me- my marriage! I know some of you are thinking how can she not be thankful for her children first!? Personally I rank my faith, my marriage, and then my girls- I have a reason for this don't worry! I have to have a strong faith in Christ for my marriage to survive in this crazy world that pulls our minds and hearts in places they shouldn't go- I have to have a strong healthy marriage in order to be able to show my girls an unwavering love for my husband and raise a Christian family.

My marriage makes me happy! Shane is the perfect match for me in every way possible! A big thank you goes to my good friend Amy for being so persistent that we meet! We were both opposed to it for quite a while, but she finally tricked us into meeting at a cookout! The rest is history! Sure we have our days where we bicker and fight but most of the time we both get tired and ask the other if they are finished being mad- being mad at your spouse is typically not fun- at least for us! I will admit I stay mad longer than Shane and I get mad more often than Shane but he puts up with my madness so well!

I forgot to add yesterday while I was blogging I asked Abbey what she was thankful for and on her own with no prompting she said "God". I thought it was a fluke so I asked her again tonight and at first she said "dor-dor" which is what Kate calls Dora so I asked her what made her the most happy today and she said "Jesus and God"! She makes me smile! So happy she talks about God and Jesus so freely!

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