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Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 26

Today I am thankful we put up our Christmas Tree!! The girls loved it and I caved and let them use colored lights and crazy ornaments, they are still cute. If we move and have a bigger house we will have 2 trees and one will be a colored light tree and one will be all white lights and my pick of ornaments! Until then Shane and the kids win!

Quick Abbey story- This morning she as singing her "Ariel" song and she came in the kitchen with a scrap of paper she had scribbled on and said Mommy I have a message for you!! It says "if you throw fits, God help us". Now here is the story behind that- each night we pray and ask Jesus to be with Abbey and help her to be a good girl and help her to not throw fits and to help Mommy and Daddy to be good parents- so I guess at least she is listening, and yes when she throws fits- God help all of us!!

Kate and I on Thanksgiving
The manger that my father in law made
The tree
Tree and mantle
I could not get Kate to look, oh well
Abbey helping put the tree together
She was hiding behind the top of the tree
Trying to say cheese!
I told them not to touch this stuff...then I showed Abbey the mouse and she looked right at me and said "no touching Mommy"- thank you Abbey, I should have known!

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