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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29

I am thankful that for the most part my tolerance level is pretty high.

Here are some examples-

When Abbey cries about being cold for over 30 minutes because we took away 3 of her 7 blankets.
In busy times at work I seem to focus more and thrive on getting tasks done rather than stressing out.
Traffic- I can deal with a traffic jam my husband almost looses his mind.
At the doctors office when some parents are almost cussing out the poor women who work the front desk. By the way if my sister in law Jenny reads this please know this is NOT directed at you for losing your cool at your doctor's office- everyone knows meat should be ordered at home :)

NOW that being said I have on more than one occasion lost my temper when Abbey was throwing a fit sure.
I have vented to a coworker more than I should have or fed into a conversation that was not appropriate, sure.
I have called other drivers every name in the book- probably more often than not when they want to switch lanes but won't use their turn signal to let me know rather they just cut me off. I am a nice person if I see your blinker I will normally let you in, if the car in front of me has not just cut me off, but you cut me off and I will be right up on your bumper speaking with my hands a lot. Not throwing up the bird just in general throwin up my hands asking if you are indeed the stupidest on the road.
I have also possibly given the woman behind the counter the look of death when she told me I could not place Kate's MRSA culture on the counter that was sealed in a test tube, in a plastic bag inside a brown paper bag.
But what I will say that for each of those instances it took a lot to get to me.

In general I have a lot of patience, and for that I am thankful.

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