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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's almost that time of year

It is almost time to start Christmas shopping so I have created Abbey and Kate's wish lists on the blog for those who are buying gifts! Grandma's have requested this so here you go!

Also a few things for your entertainment-

Abbey got a lanyard with a flashing button at Shanes trade show and she called it her necklace- she has a nightstand in her room where she has been putting it and she calles it her jewelry box. She asks all of us here if we want to come see her jewelry box.

Shane works with a man named Eric who has been sharing the villa with us and Abbey refers to him as Prince Eric. Abbey and Kate both got Ariel dolls from Disney and they have a purple bikini top on- well today as we were dropping of Shane and Eric at the convention center Abbey was talking about all the things Prince Eric likes about Ariel- she said first her red hair, and then she said Prince Eric also likes Ariel's purple boobies!! Wow, she is something else.

She has also been saying two new phrases, probably thanks to me- first she when we tell her something she says "are you kidding me?" for instance today I told her to eat her sandwich and she looked at me and said "are you kidding me?" No Abbey I am not kidding eat your sandwich.

She also says "you are making me nervous" for example last night we had to go pick up Prince Eric and I wanted her and Kate to wear a light jacket so Abs was helping Kate with her jacket and Kate was acting like a mad bird flapping her arms about and Abbey looked at me and said "mommy you are going to have to help Kate with her jacket she is making me nervous". She is so darn funny!

Kate has really changed on this trip, she looks older to me. Its funny, when it is bed time and both Shane and I put them down they throw major fits but the last two nights it has just been me and there have been no requests for bandaids, no drinks, no tears and nothing hurting- just stories, prayers and bedtime. Crazy. Since we have gotten to the villa the girls have been sharing a room at night which has gotten me thinking that I kind of like this and may be moving then to the same room when we get home so that we can have a guest room/office/toy toom. I think that maybe bunk beds would be good and moving Kate to a big girl bed with Abbey in the room may work. Thoughts?

Well it is now nap time in the villa, sweet dreams. :)

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